'GC Mix-In'
Just turn up and Play

These sessions are for Croquet Club Members who have passed our
introductory Beginners Training Course
and all are welcome

The 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic and associated restrictions on gatherings meant that
we could not continue with non pre-booked playing sessions.

Attendance at Mix-in sessions has been on the wain in recent seasons
with a growing number of members preferring to book courts
and play in their own groups at times of their own choosing.

When the Covid-19 restrictions allow, we will look at the re-introduction
of the Mix-In arrangements to match the level of interest.

The Committee member i/c Golf Croquet is:
Chris Roberts
07973 787710
The Committee member i/c Associaion Croquet is:
Raghu Iyer
01189 661549