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    16 November - The SCF AGM was held today at Winchester

      16 December - The minutes were circulated soon after the meeting. Here is a link:
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15 January 2019 - The SCF committee co-opts three new members

The SCF committee are pleased to announce the co-options of three new members, following a call for volunteers.
This action follows the sad death of AC Leagues Manager Martin Brandt and David Brown's wish to relinquish the post of Treasurer as soon as a replacement could be found and an orderly hand-over of banking arrangements has been effected.
David Warhurst (High Wycombe) takes on the AC Leagues Manager with immediate effect.
John Beckerleg (Winslow) becomes Treasurer although his predecessor will remain the account signatory for the next few weeks.
Brian Jamison (Caversham), who volunteered for the Treasurer's post, is co-opted as an extra committee member for the remainder of the year.

SCF Chairman Chris Roberts thanks all three gentlemen sincerely, for stepping forward to serve on the committee.
15 January 2019 - The SCF hosts the first of two 'Croquet Matters' workshops for member clubs

The SCF's Developement Officer Barry Dench introduced the CA backed 'Croquet Matters' commputer based Clubs improvement tool tthis today.
Six of the SCF's northern based clubs - Caversham, Eynsham, Harwel, High Wycombe, Phyllis Court and Wingrave, met at Phyllis Court this morning and all present were impressed with what the progarm had to offer - all will be recomending it be utalised at their clubs.

In the afternoon, SCF six committee menbers re-conviened to apply 'Croquet Matters' to the Federation and this provided an interesting insight to many aspects of our offering to our member clubs.
Areas of activerty were given an assesment score and targets were set for 12 months hence.
Barry Dench will be writing an overview of the process, results and targets.

The second 'Croquet Matters' workshop (for our southern based clubs) will be held at Winchester CC on 6 February, again lead by Barry Dench.