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27 July - Mexico National Team cancel our fixture today - Very disappointing

We were due to be hosting the Mexico national Team for a match today but they pulled out with less than 18 hous notice.
29 July - Jim Walter doubles up with a second 10+ tourrnament win

Manager Russell Robinson reports:
A small field of eight of our “ten-plussers” contested  our Green Ball (10+ Singles) trophy today, and enjoyed a lovely day in the sun, with only a ‘medium roast’ setting.  First congratulations go to Trevor Day and Michael Marcel for each winning their three block games in the morning, never having to go as far as the dreaded thirteenth.  Having therefore established themselves as favourites for the title, they perhaps chilled too much over the lunchtime sandwich as both promptly lost their respective semi-finals.  That left Jim Walter and Carl Billson to contest the final in a repeat of the deciding game of the last time this trophy was contested (the delayed 2021 event, which was played in April this year).  Sadly for Carl, the result was the same, as he saw Jim fight back from 2-4 to lead 5-4 and 6-5, and although Carl levelled it at 6-6, he left both his balls hampered which was as much an invitation as Jim needed to polish the match off and retain the trophy.  So, congratulations, Jim. 

Had we have had a “Plate”, it would have been won by Carol Huntington, who prevailed in well-fought contests in the afternoon over Liz Smith and David Channon.  Special mention should go to Jane Houlihan who played her first competitive games, having only been trained last month and acquitted herself well, gaining valuable experience against more established players.

Positions (1st to 8th): Jim Walter (10), Carl Billson (11), Trevor Day (10), Michael Marcel (11), Carol Huntington (11), David Channon (12), Liz Smith (12), Jane Houlihan (14).

30 July - GC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS - LIVE-VIDEO streaming (every day) starts

Look out for Phyllis Ciourt members Chris Roberts (Wales), Helena 'Jansson' Fensome (Finland) and Frances Colman (Championship Referee).

30 July - GC World Championship - Day 1 - Roberts takes World no.2 to last hoop thriller - Fensone gets an encouaging game win

Chris Roberts (Wales) beat Norwegan Morten Waever easily 7-1, 7-4 in his first match and the, after a a long wait faced World no.2 and runner-up in the last World Championships Mohamed Karem (Egypt)
As Karem struggeled with his hhop running, Roberts took all of his oportunites and traded points with his illustrious opponenet in three closely contested games.
Roberts won te middle game 7-4 and took Karem to 6-7, 6-7 in the other two and was left ruing a potential match winning long shot at hoop 12 from 10 yards in the decider that just nicked the hoop leg.
Falling short with his first ball approach to 13 from the South boundery was untimatly costly for Roberts and the chnace for the first major upset of the Championships was lost.

Helena Fensome (Finland), playing as Jansson, lost her first amtch to experienced Australian international Alison Sharp 3-7, 4-7.
She then faced Spanish international Jose Alvarez-Sala and sprung a surprise in taking the first game 7-6. which was a real feather in her cap.
She then lost the match 3-7, 3-7 but was nvertheless pleased with that good single game win in such company.

Frances Colman (Championship Referee) was on duty all day, was frequenly in demand to watch strokes and, as the evening became decidedly chilly, was only relived at gone 1930 hours.
31 July - GC World Championship - Day 2 - Roberts loses to another Egyptian but beats a Swede

Chris Roberts (Wales) had a chance against Naguib Hossam (Egypt) this morning and came back weel form 2-5 down before a poor decision not to jump at hoop 13 in the first game proved to be costly shot choice.
He lost that one 6-7 and the second game 3-7.
This afternoon, he beat Lewis Palmer (Sweden) 7-4, 5-7, 7-4

Helena Fensome (Finland) is on a rest day today.

26 July - PCC 'D'  8 - 8  High Wycombe 'Kestrels'

Team matches don't get any tighter than this, with the scoresheet littered with 7-6 and 7-5 results and all four round ending two games apiece.
Trevor Day was Phyllis Court's 'most valuable player' with three wins, that included a match saving hoop 13 in the last game to finish.
PCC ''D': Patricia Mulcahy (7), David Young (8), Trevor Day (10), Carol Wadsworth (11).
1 August - GC World Championship - Day 3 -  Roberts and Fensome had a tough day

Both Phyllis Court players have been in action again: -
Chris Roberts (Wales) was beaten by  Don Nunns (England) 6-7, 7-4, 1-7, and as then completely undone' by Mathew Essick (USA) 3-7, 2-7.this evening.
Helena Fensome (Finland) was beaten by Tim Jolliffe (England() 3-7, 3-7 and then Euan Burridge (England) 4-7, 5-7

The hardest working of the Phyllis Court trio here is Frances Colman (Championship Referree) who will start her thrid day offiiating,form 0830 to 2000 very long commitment!

A reminderr that there is LIVE-VIDEO coverage of the Champioships every day vai this link:

2 August - GC World Championship - Day 4 - Fensome in another tough day

Helena Fensome (Finland) lost to Miroslav Havik (Czech Republic) 5-7, 3-7 earlier today and this afternoon took Mostafa Nezar (Egypt).3-7,6-7, the latter being a particularly good performance..

Frances Colman (Championship Referree) is continuing her duties, and Chris Roberts (Wales) has a rest day today.
3 August - GC World Championship - Day 5 - Roberts and Fensome play to pre-tournament seedings

Helena Fensome (Finland) lost to double World Champion Ahmed Nasr (Egypt) 1-7, 1-4 this morning to completer her programme of block matches,
Helena was seeded 8 of 8 in his block, so match wins were not expected,and so it has transpired, but she will be pleasd with her singles game in over Spaniard Jose Alvarez-Sala earlier in the week.
Chris Roberts (Wales) also comnpleted his block programme with a dispointing 1-7, 3-7 loss to England's Aston Wade.
Chris was seeded 6 of 8 in his block, so two match wins were forcast and again that is how it turned out, and although dispointed not to convert any of his three game match losses in to victoires , his three wame wins in those matches will improve his world/uk ranking.

As the play-offs for the fnal qualifictaion plavces take place this afternoon, Fensoem and Roberts no look towads ther consolatio plate event which looks to be attracting a good number of the other 30 players who have also missed the main event 'cut'.

A reminderr that there is LIVE-VIDEO coverage of the Champioships every day vai this link:

4 August - GC World Championship - Day 6  - Roberts & Fensome in same Plate block   -    Referee Colman faults Double World Champion!

Chris Roberts (Wales) and Helena Fensome (Finland) are in the same block in the 24-player Plate event that has started today.
Fensome lost to Nick Archer (England) 2-7 and to Judith Hanekom (South Afrrica) 5-7.
Roberts beat Miroslav Havik (Czech) 7-4 and let a big lead slip in losing to Archer 6-7.

Frances Colman (Championship Referee) continues to be the busiest of all, and tis morning called a 'fault' stroke on Double World Champion Reg Bamford (South Africa) in his crunch first Round tie in the main event versus reigning champion Ben Rothman (USA).
And lthis evening she had an interesting situation to deal with when Matthew Essick (USA) wanted to jump over the centre peg but the extention piece (which can be legally removed) was found to be stuck fast.
Frances had to source an new centre pag, have it sited correctly and then measuer its height exactly before Essick jumped over it impresivly!

3 August - Morton holds lead in the 10+ Evening Series

After this eveingings latest round in the 10+ Evening Series, unbeaten Steve Morton holds a lead. See the latest satndings here:
5 August - GC World Championship - Day 7  - Roberts wins twice to quaify for Plate knock-out.
                                                                                                                - As the Main Event reaches the quarter-finals.

Chris Roberts (Wales) beat Helena Fensome (Finland)  in a close 7-5  Plate block enocounter in the first round of games this morning,
Both then played two more games to play to complete the block, from which four,rather than the previously advvised two, qualified for the Plate knock-out.
Roberts beat Judith Hanekom (South Africa) 7-5. then got thumpped 0-7 by block leaded Sherif Abdelwahab (USA), but still qualified for the Plate knock-out.
Fensome also lost to Abdelwaheb and Misolav Havlik (Czech Republic), 7-3 and 7-4 respectivly.

In the Plate knock-our, Roberts came up against familier foe Steve Leonard (Dorset & England) and wion 7-3, 7-6
Tomorrow he faces Dursan Turcer (Portugal) in the Plate last eight

In the Mian Event of these World Championships, it was quarter-finals day with all matches from now on being 'best-of- five'. It was a poor day for the Egyptians who failed to get a representative into the semi-filas for the first tim in the 14 event history of these Championships.

Reg Bamford (South Africa)  beat  Richard Bilton (England)   7-5, 7-2, 7-3
Robert Fulford (England)      beat  Ahmed Nsar (Egypt)         7-4, 7- 5, 4-7, 3-7, 7-4
Robert Fletcher (Australia)   beat  Mohamed Nasr (Egypt)     1-3, 7-6, 7-2
Matthew Essick (USA)        beat  Mohamed Karem (Egypt)  7-3, 7-6, 7-6
6 August - GC World Championship - Day 8  - Roberts bombs in Plate quarter-finals.
                                                                                                     - Main Event reaches the semis.

Chris Roberts (Wales) was beaten hnads-down by the super acurate centre-ball hitting of  Dursan Turcer (Portugal) in his Plate last eight this morning.
The Portugese is almost unrecognisable from the player that Roberts beat easily in the 2019 Championship/
That is lilekly to be the end of the road for Roberts now.
Helena Fensome (Finland)  iplayed some 'Z' games today.

In the Mian Event it is semi--finals day (playing 'best of five') - results uptated:
Robert Fulford (England)     beat  Reg Bamford (South Africa)  5-7, 7-6, 5-7, 7-6, 7-2,
Matthew Essick (USA)        beat  Robert Fletcher (Australia)   7-4, 2-7, 7-4, 7-3

LIVE-VIDEO coverage will start at 1000 today;:

Look out for Frances Colman (Championship Referee) who is in charge of the featrued semi-final match.

7 August - GC World Championship - Day 9  - FINALS DAY -   Matthew  Essick becomes the World Champion!

It was all eyes on the World Championship final today, which was a 'best of five' match

Matthew Essick (USA)  beat  Robert Fulford (England)  7-3, 6-7, 7-3, 7-3

Recoprdings of all the LIVE-VIDEO coverage will remain viewabel via this link
Chris Roberts competed an opening stint of commentary with former AC World Champion Chris Clake, previwing the final and the openg seven hoops.

Frances Colman (Championship Referee) was the reserve referee for the Main Final today and was also in charge of the Bowl final.

9 August - Mulcahy closes in on C-Level Series National Final place with another runner-up finish

Never one to shout her successes, I have just learnt that a over week ago (on 28 July) Patricia Mulcahy finished runner-up at the Bath heat of the National C-Level (7+) Series competition.
This was Mulcahy's third second place finish of the season, a tally that has earned her 18 Series points and she sits on top the list of points gatherers, all of whom are hoping to win a plce in the C-Level National Final at Camerton & Peasedown (which is coincidentally also close to Bath) on 17-18 August.
Andy Jones has already qualified for that final 'as of right' as a winner of the Wrest Park Series tournament in May when he pipped Mulcahy in the tight final.
- Also in acton at Bath a week or more ago were, Carol Wadsworth (10th) and Christine Searle (12th)
9 August - Evening Series in Full Swing    LATEST  UPDATE

Manager, Russell Robinson reports:
The remaining dates in the 10+ Evening Series will come thick and fast over the next three weeks, culminating in the play-offs for the top four on Saturday 3 September.
Comments heard by the Manager, ranging from “I’m desperate to get into the top four” to “well, it doesn’t really matter, it’s not a competition” serve to illustrate how successful this format has been.
It provides, on the one hand, the opportunity to play in a competitive environment without having to commit to a full day, while on the other hand allowing the less competitive members to simply enjoy an evening’s croquet with like-minded people, not really minding whether they win or lose.
We have been lucky with the weather and have had some beautiful, warm summer’s evenings, with many people commenting what a nice time of day it is to play croquet (even though otherwise the courts have been sparsely utilised after 6 p.m.).

With most of the batch of July/August beginners now jumping on board, the Series will have seen 66 members participating, nearly all playing on at least three or four occasions. This far surpasses the 45 members who participated in its inaugural year in 2021. Indeed, the Evening Series has been particularly popular with beginners, with 26 of the 49 new members who have been trained this year taking part.
The leader board, which is updated after each evening, can be viewed on the website at here:

This year, we have also run a similar Evening Series for those with handicaps between 6 and 9 inclusive.
This has been harder to get off the ground, with the smaller population of members in this category, making it more difficult to get a “critical mass” together on the same evening.
However, this is now in full swing, with 14 members having participated, and a number of further evenings coming up this month.
The table of results for the 6-6 Evening Series can be viewed here:

the two link buttons are perminantly accessable in the navigation panel on the left hand side of the Home Page.

9 August - Improver Coaching under way now with the offer of more to come   NEW  COACHING  OFFERING

Co-ordinator, Russell Robinson reports:
Coaching for those higher handicaped members who are keen to keep a step ahead of the army of eager and well-trained beginners, is now in progress under the enthusiastic eye of Russell Robinson, ably supported by fellow qualified coaches, Tony Peperell and Julia Green.
All such established members with 12+ handicaps have been invited to a ‘Back to Basics’ course, comprising 2 x two-hour sessions, the first focussing on basic technique and common faults, and the second on basic tactics.
12 members have so far completed the course and the feedback that has filtered back to the committee appears to have been most favourable. A further 10 members have signed up for dates in August, with a number of others showing interest but unable to make the advertised dates.
Once this additional demand has been satisfied, we will be looking to extend the remit to those with handicap of 11 and below, a number of whom are already asking for coaching, as well as considering how else we can meet the training needs of our members.

9 August - PCC 'C' 13 - 3 Winchester  - BIG WIN earns our team the 'Central Divisin' title!

Making light of the long journey into Hampshire, PCC 'C' scored a thuming win over their hosts today, and with that, they secured the SCF Advantage League 'Central Division' title.
It also earns PCC 'C' a place in the semi-fnals of the Advatage Leage where they wil face the winners of the South and Nortjh divisions, long with the best second-placed team.
Today, all our team scored three wins and one loss, with the exception of captain Andy Jones who was undefeated.
PCC 'C': Michael Christmas (5), Andy Jones (6), Colin Morgan (6), Carol Huntington (11)

- Congratulations to Andy Jones who reduced his handcap down to 5 for the first time.