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26 April - Our Zero Plus tournament - (Day 1) - Coates' qualification keeps PCC hopes alive

It was a tough day in difficult conditions fro all at our "Zero Plus" tournament, jointly hosted with High Wycombe, today.
Robin Coates sprang a surprise in the High Wycombe based group despite being the lowest ranked of the fine PCC players taking part overall.
He qualifies to play at PCC tomorrow (Saturday) in the Main Event 'Cup' event.
Helena Fensome, Mike Fensome, Richard Peperell and Peter Haydon will all playing the consolation 'Plate' event at High Wycombe.

Tomorrow sees the official opening of the PC Fitness Centre and it is expected that there will be much activity at the Club - with Day 2 of the "Zero Plus" tournament taking centre stage.
This will be a good spectating opportunity from 0930 to approximately 1630.
27 April - Our Zero Plus Tournamnet - (Day 2) - Coates does well again but it's a win for High Wycombe's Ian Shore

Inevitably because it was a 'good spectating croquet opportunity', and we had all the preparations in place, the weather was once again unkind to us today and that kept most soles away.
there was good attendance at the Main Club's Opening of the Fitness Centre, but we was only a very few passers-by coming to view the good standard of croquet on display.
Surprise qualifier Robin Coates, got off to a great start by beating one of the favourites Keith Pound (High Wycombe) in the first round.
Two more victories followed giving Coates a solid mid-order finish in the Main 'Cup' event at Phyllis Court, which went to our popular fried Ian Shore of High Wycombe, who members will know from his Rules Seminar and coaching courses offered at his own club.
In the consolation 'Plate' event at High Wycombe today, Mike Fensome had a good day in finishing second, while Helena Fensome and  Peter Hayon were fourth and eigth respectivly.
On behalf of Chris Roberts (who was taking the photos), the Cup presentation was undertaken by John Bowcott, The Chairman of the Croquet Association, who was also one of the players.
Chris presented our overseas visitors - Steve Thornton (Australia) and Luis Alvarez-Sala Vazquez (Spain) - each with a Phyllis Court banner as a reminder of their first visits Phyllis Court.

24 April - Alzheimers Society to benefit from at least £250 from our Charity One Ball heat

A good day was enjoyed by the 10 players who braved the cold for our annual Charity One Ball tournament today.
But more importantly a large sum was collected from players, together with donations from non-participants, for the Alzheimers Society.
Money is still coming in and the final sum will be reported in due course, but it is gong to be over £250.
It was especially pleasing to welcome new member Carolyn Boyle who was brave enough to take part, despite having only just completed her Beginners Training Course and is yet to attend even a first GC mix-in!
Chris Roberts was undefeated in his five games so won the event, with Jim Walter and Joanna Iyer finishing in second and third place respectively on 4 wins from six games.
All three will have 'first refusals' on places at the National Final at Surbiton on Sunday 12 May.
Full results decided by wiining percentage : Chris Roberts (100%), Jim Walter, Janna Iyer (67%), Mike Fensome, Robin Coates, Ian Norris (50%), Colin Morgan (40%), Raghu Iyer, Ralph Chambers ((33%), Tony Peperell (20%), Carolyn Boyle (0%)
29 April - East Dorset 3 - 4 Phyllis Court 'A' - Goldring's 20-yard winner seals PCC 'A' win in league opener

There was drama aplenty at Poole in Dorset on Monday when Phyllis Court 'A' opening league fixture ended with Roger Goldring's spectacular 20-yard hoop score in the deciding match with East Dorset CC.
The Henley team were looking down the barrels of defeat after Chris Roberts had let a one game lead over Tom Weston evaporate with a last hoop loss in his best-of three match, tying the overall score at 3-3 with just Goldring's rubber to complete, and his opponent Steve Leonard ready to score easily.
Goldring's 'do or die' long shot from the north boundary had the double target of hoop 12 of Leonard's ball but it was super effort nonetheless and seeing it smash through the hoop at pace, caused great celebration from team mates, Raouf Allim, Helena Fensome and Roberts.
In the excitement it wasn't forgotten that it was in fact Fensome who had brought home the goods in this fixture by winning both her singles matches, to Roberts and Goldring's single contributions.
This was a welcome return to form for Fensome after a below par performance in the Zero Plus tournament a few days before.
PCC 'A' - Raouf Allim (-2), Chris Roberts (-1), Roger Goldring (-1), Helena Fensome (1)

29 April - Phyllis Court 'B'  9 - 7  Phyllis Court 'C'

Phyllis Court 'B' wrapped-up a comfortable win in their traditional SCF Handicap League season opener against a new-look Phyllis Court 'C' at the Henley club on Monday.
The victories were shared around as would be expected in handicap play, but three wins apiece for the B's Colin Morgan and Raghu Iyer, and C's Bill Pitkeathly (right) were the highlights.
PCC 'B' - Mike Fensome (0), Robin Coates (3), Dianne Browne (4), Colin Morgan (6)
PCC 'C' - Raghu Iyer (5), Don Rutherford (5), Bill Pitkeathly (8), Tony Peperell (8)

30 April - Raghu Iyer and Richard Owen win our 'Drawn Partners / Hugh's Mallet' tournament

Raghu Iyer and Richard Owen (below right) were undefeated after five rounds and so claimed clear victory in our Drawn Partners tournament for the Hugh's Mallet trophy.
It was good to enjoy Richard's success so soon in his croquet career (he was in the beginner's Class of 2018) and to see a number that year's intake participating alongside him.
Likewise it was simply splendid to see four players for the Class of 2019 taking a collectively unprecedented early foray into competitive croquet
Really well done - Carol Wadsworth, Russell Robinson (below left), Allan Henderson and Rick Lilly.
Indeed Wadsworth, helped along by Roger Goldring, actually finished only one win adrift in second place!     - Click onthis button for the full results:
Above:  Overseas visitors Steve Thornton (Australia) and Luis Alvarez-Sala Vazquez (Spain).

Below:  Tournament Wiiner Ian Shore of High Wycombe wathed by Phyllis Court's beat Robin Coates.
04 May - Roberts wins AC A-Class at Budleigh May Week

Chris Roberts (left) was on good form for the last three days when his seven victories in eight AC games won him the top A-Class Block event at Budleigh Salterton in Devon.
This was Roberts' first A-Class win and will elevate him national rankings in the next few days and has taken him to within ten index points of becoming 'minus' player.
Roberts is pictured here with the tournament manager Julie Horsley (photo by Frances Colman). The splendid silver trophy that he won dates back to 1948, and amongst the past winners that include several Colonels and Generals is one C. Von Schmieder who is 'Carl', the late father of our Charlie von Schmieder!
Frances Colman also did well at Budleigh, and indeed was leading her block, untill two looses on the final day meant a 4/6 record, which was not enough by one win..

03 May - Coates wins Sussex B-Level for a place in the NATIONAL FINAL!

Hugh congratulations are due to Robin Coates (left) for his win at the Sussex B-level series tournament today.
With this win, he qualifies for the end of season national B-Level Series Final!
- and that's not all -
Having reduced his handicap to 3 only two weeks ago, then showing well at our Zero Plus and now with this tournament win on top, Coates has reduced his handicap again and is now basking at 2.   - Really well done Robin!

Robin ejoyed an exciting tournament with darma at the end. Here is how he described it:
'With 20 entrants, this tournament started with 4 blocks of 5.
As it turned out, my block produced the two finalists, and my first game was against one of them, Sue Nicholas.I won that game fairly comfortably 7-5 but she had a most extraordinary jump-shot technique which looked like it would never score but in fact I lost two hoops to her with that! 
The other block games went 4-3 (timed out), 7-6 and 7-2.
In the knock-out stage I beat Mike Bilton - last year's B-Level National Champion - in the quarter final, 5-4 (timed out); John Marriner in the semi 7-3, during a very wet and freezing cold game that included hail.
So I met Sue Nicholas again in he final; she had certainly found her form by then and played a strong game. By contrast I was finding it increasingly tough and have now forgotten most of the detail, but it was 4-all then 5-all and 6-all, with me running the 12th hoop.
But fortunately she had no clear shot for 13, as both her balls and my Blue were clustered together round hoop 12.
She deemed Yellow, and I had to move Blue a fraction to make her Red also difficult to strike, which meant I had first shot to hoop 13 but I landed it a couple of feet short. When the other three balls caught up, I had to re-position Black. After some positioning and clearing from each of us, I was able to just run Black from a difficult angle.
It stayed just through for 2-3 seconds and then the wind blew it back just enough to be 'not-run' and my Oppo was able to clear it from a back of hoop position, leading to more jockeying for position followed for some time!!
Eventually I got Blue in the jaws again but re Red had a possible jump-shot with that odd technique I had seen successful earlier. Luckily for me she miss-hit it but her Yellow on the East boundary still a possible but difficult chance to get Blue out.
I positioned black in the direct line of fire, but too close to the hoop and she played a brilliant shot hitting Black which unseated Blue.
However, not far enough: and at well after 7pm, I ran with my Blue to win!
One of the coldest May days ever with a strong wind and icy showers, but very rewarding in the end.

Handicap reduction for:          Robin Coates     3 to 2        - an impressive second automatic reduction in three weeks!

06 May - Allim impresses at the AC Coles Championship

Phyllis Court champion Raouf Allim took on a quality field that included nine current or former international players at the AC Coles Championship at Cheltenham this weekend.
He scored a notable 2-1 win over last season's British Open finalist Mark Suter before falling in straight games in the quarter-finals to England's Christian Carter and then picked up two more game wins in the Plate event.

08 May - Peperell and Iyer retain the delayed 2018 AC Doubles title

Richard Peperell and Raghu Iyer (left) came from behind today to snatch victory in the delayed final of the AC Doubles.competition of 2018.
They pipped Chris Roberts and Frances Colman by one point in a marathon of a game on rain soaked courts - but at least the match was completed.
For Peperell, it was his third title in a row, the last two partnering Iyer - congratulations chaps!

10 May - Season-long competition 'draws' published

The 2019 season-long competitions ‘draws’ were published this afternoon and circulated by e-mail to all members.
You can also view the ‘draws’ in the pavilion (I will be pinning them up at about 5.30 this afternoon, and larger versions will appear shortly once printed)
You can also view the ‘draws’ on this website – click on the relevant competition buttons in the black panel on the left of the home page at any time to check progress.
Or click on these pink buttons..

How the competitions are organised:
The Open events are seeded by National Rankings
The 3+ & 7+ events are seeded by handicap and index points.
The Handicap event was by a witnessed random draw, conducted by Raghu (so blame him!)

15 May - Blewbury 'B' 12,  PCC 'B' 4

PCC 'B' bombed at Blewbury today with a big 12-4 loss resulating from a stange set of results.
Robin Coates opened with a 7-0 win but then lost his next three games, Raymond Wood only won once and having won three games last time out, Colin Morgan lost everying today.
the top performace on a poor day was Mike Fensome who managed a 50% return from his four games.
PCC 'B' - Mike Fensome (0), Robin Coates (2), Raymond Wood (3), Colin Morgan (6)
15 May - Northampton's Glynis Davies wins our C-Level Series tournament

There were mixed fortunes for the five Phyllis curt players who participated in our C-Level Series tournament today.
A difficult format and quite a few sit-outs were necessary because of the non-availability of Court 4 (still not recovered from last year's crow damage).
Fortunately the weather was wonderful and this certainly saved the day.
Tony Peperell was the one home player to qualify from the block stage for the main event knock-out quarter-finals, where he fell 6-7 to the eventual winner Glynis Davies of Northampton (pictured here with the Cup and Bronwen the 8-week old puppy).
Steve Morton and John Maguire each impressed with three wins from six games, whilst Bill Pitkeathley and Madeleine Probert experienced a disappointing day.
The full results will appear here shortly:

An ideal watch
for PCC spectators
(see News)
PCC 'A' v Woking
National Inter-Club Championship

   There is an excellent Spectator Opportunity at Phyllis Court on Wednesday 29 May (1000 – 1630ish) for you to all enjoy in a fortnight’s time.
   The Directors’ Chairs will be out along the court-sides along with a scoreboard, and we will be producing match-day programmes to help you follow the action.

. - This likely to be THE BIG ONE of the season! - .
. The National Inter-Club Championship Quarter-Final:   Phyllis Court A v Woking .

   Woking will feature Jeff Dawson, an England AC International, with a GC ranking of 11 in UK and 35 in the World!
   And we are fielding almost our strongest side with four of our top five players lined-up for this match (only Charlie von Schmieder is missing).
   We are striving to go one better than last season in this competition when you will remember we were beaten in the National Final here at Phyllis Court

   We do hope that you will come along and take-up this good spectating opportunity and to cheer on our team – see you there!
17 May - Hamburg CC visit Phyllis Court on a day enjoyed by all

A splendid day was enjoyed by hosts and visitors alike today when we entertained Hamburg Croquet Club.
The German party numbered 10 players of mixed abilities and we did out best to match them with a selection from throughout our club.
Five rounds of doubles with high/low partnerships straddled lunch and there were only a few hold-ups to proceedings.
Phyllis Court were a little too strong for Hamburg despite our best efforts in selection and we won rather more easily than would have been ideal.
Mementoes of the visit were exchanged by the team organisers Chris Roberts and Joern Vinnen.
Hamburg received a Phyllis Court Club badged banner/flag and in exchange were given and a 'ship in a bottle' (modelled on a ship in Hamburg harbour), and members can see this on display in the club lounge trophy cabinet..
PCC: Chris Roberts (-1), Roger Goldring (-1), Robin Coates (2), Frances Colman (2), Dianne Browne (4), Raghu Iyer (5), Colin Morgan (6), Tony Peperell (8), Bill PitKeathey (8), Steve Morton (10), Diana Zatouroff (11).
20 May - PCC 'A' crash to unexpected defeat at hands of High Wycombe

Phyllis Court 'A' 1, High Wycombe 4
Details to follow soon . .
PCC 'A': Raouf Allim (-2), Roger Goldring (-1), Ian Norris (-1), Helena Fensome (1)