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04 March - Season-long competition ENTRY FORMS sent out

Entry forms and an explanation page were sent to all members today.
This season we have added a new competitive level (10+) for our higher handicapped players so, now more than ever. there is 'something for everyone.
Our offering this season also includes 'plate' events for first game losers at each of these levels:
Open Singles
3+ Singles
7+ Singles
10+ Singles
Handicap Singles
* Some Doubles competitions will be added later if/when court demand/capacity has been assessed.
- Please support your organisers by submitting your entries in good number :O)
08 March - Advice and encouragement to enter Tournaments away from Phyls Court sent

A good number of our members enjoy playing in tournaments away from Phyllis Court any you can easily join them.
In particular, there are over 50 tournament opportunities in the national B-level (3+) Series and C-Level (3+) Series spread all around the country throughout the season, and you are all earnestly encouraged to 'give it a go'.
All the dates were sent to members in an e-mail today, and I can easily send them to you again on request.
Entry is via the CA website Tournament Entry System, which I will me pleased to help you with - PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL for advice as to the right tournaments for you!  :o)
12 March - Court bookings to open at 0900 on Monday 15 March

All members were e-mailed with the above news today
15 March - 20 members book to play within two minutes - and 35 by the end of the day!

The expected rush to book courts from 29 March was realised this morning when 10 email requests were recieved in the first minute that the booking system was opened.
20 players were imediatley booked in and by the end of today 35 had bookings in place. It's great to be reporting such positive news!
20 March - Call for entries to our first 10+ tournament

A call for entries to our first 10+ tournament (on 12 April) was sent out today - email entries to Chris Roberts must be recieved BEFORE the allocaton date (1 April).
22 March - Call for entries to our Charity One Ball Tournemant
                     (The British Heart Foundation )

A call for entries to our Charity One Ball tournamet (in aid of the British heart foundation) (on 15 April) was sent out today - email entries to Chris Roberts.
26 March - LAST CALL for entries to our season-long competitions
                    (closing date is 31 March)

This 'last call' was sent to all mebers today. We have record numbers participation again - please do join in!
28 March - Hoops in place for tomorrow's first day back for croquet!
                  - And meet our new Bowdry

Welcome to new member Stuart Drew.

Rick and Chris sited the hoops on courts 1 and 2 today, in readiness for croquet's restart tomorrow.
We also unpacked our new 'Bowdry' water removal machine (and here is ri9ck posing with it)

29 March - Sad news: Nina Cox has died

    I am sorry to have to tell you that very long-standing Croquet Club member Nina Cox died peacefully in her sleep on Friday (26 March).
    Nina was a lovely lady of advanced years who had unfortunately not enjoyed the best of health in recent times, yet she always stayed positive with a keen interest in all that went on within the Croquet Club and the wider Phyllis Court Club.
    She was serving on the Croquet Club committee i/c Golf Croquet, at the time I joined as a beginner in 2009, and I have learnt from Raymond and Pauline Wood, that Nina was already an established croquet member as long ago as 2005.
    As well as Nina's croquet being rooted in social play, she was a very good supporter of our doubles tournaments, the highlight of which was when she partnered Helena Fensome to the runners-up position in the Cave and Wolff Salvers tournament as recently as 2016.

Arrangements for Nina's funeral will be made in the coming weeks and with the current gathering restrictions, will doubtless see only very limited numbers able to attend.  Pauline Wood is our contact for this.
29 March - . . . and we are back playing again!

Play got off to a cracking start today (the first day of slightly relaxed covid restictions) with double banked singels games on both courts as the clock ticked past 10am.
31 March - Deadline passes for season-long competitions entires (Another Record Year!)

As the 'chopper' came down on entries for our season-long competitions - it's another record year for entry numbers.
A massive 51 players have entered the Handicap Singles, smashing the previous high mark of 44 set in its inaugural year (2014).
The draws will be published in the next couple of days.

                    - however the new 10+ Singles has entry dealine extended
Because of the unprecedented high numbers entering the Handicap competition in particular and to give that one 'clear run' before the next biggest competition (the 10+) competes for court booking slots, it has been decided to delay the start of the 10+.
The deadline for entries for the 10+ Singles only is therefore extended until the end of April, which will also allow the keenest of this year's newcomers to enter if they wish.
04 April - Call for entries to two handicap Singles tournaments

A call for entries for either of our two scheduled GC Handicap day-tournaments (19 & 29 April) was sent out today. The alocation date is 12 April.
05 April -  Hardy souls brave the wind chill for AC intro and GC 10+ coaching sessions

It was blooming cold this morning and we even had the odd snowflake!
But AC introduction caoching went ahead for Roger Goldring (in his shorts of course), Rick Lilley and Michael Christmas)
And GC 10+ coaching followed on for Allan Henderson, Hugh Baylis, Patricia Mulcahy and Liz Smith.
  . . . and then we went home for a warm-up!
06 April -  Beginners Training Courses get under way

The first eight of our 'Class of 2021'  attended their first day Beginners Training Course today under the tutorlidge of Helena Fensome and Chris Roberts.
All did pretty well and I look forward to name-checking them off at the end of the week.
06 April -  Season-Long Competitions launched today

The knock-out grids for all but one of our season-long Singles Competitions were published today (only the 10+ has a delayed start until May).
Everyone is encouraged to get on with organising their matches as soon as possible please.
09 April -  First 8 'Class of 2021' pass their Beginners Training Courses

Congratulations to the 8 members below who sucessfully passed their Beginners Training Course today, following four days of training classes with coaches Helena Fensome and Chris Roberts.
Left to right:

Lynn Lewis (12)
John Merkle (12)
Ian Forster (12)
Jean Forster (12)
Henry Sless (12)
Deborah Sless (12)
Danny Hall (11)
Diana Wildman (12)
09 April - Peperell wins the delayed final of our 2020 AC season-long K-O handicap competition

Richard Peperell ground-out a deserved win over Chris Roberts in this much delayed final played at High Wycombe this afternoon.
Using the firstof his 3 bisques, Richard set up a break and made it tidily round to hoop 9 before misjudging a croquet stroke and going off.
Re recoverd at the cost of taking a second bisque, took his ball round to Rover and set up a resonable leave, allbeit challening Roberts to take on risky long hoop 1 with his first stroke after some time as the out players.
Robets impressed inscoriing that hoop firmly enough to get right down the court to his partner ball close to hoop 2 to ,momentarily at leas, take contro of the game.
Peperell hit staright back in though and with his last bisque taken on the hour the game becaose a long a protracted affair, lasting closer to four hours than three, with Peperell sitting on Peg and Rover for a full hour and a half, as Robets hang in there with safety play an only the ocasional hoopp.
Evemntually Peperll got the fortune that hsi patiennce deservedn and he pegged out to win +14, an with it the Adlam Tankerd (when we can find it!)
10 April -  Big training day today with Beginners, 10+ Improvers and an AC introduction class

Allan Henderson, Steve Morton, Patricia Mulcahy and Carol Wadsworth all attended an AC Introduction class this moring given by coaches Frances Colman and Chris Roberts.
A 10+ improves class followed on for Julia Green, Wendy Kingon, Hilary Cowley and Carol Wadsworth (again), in preparation for the 10+ Singles tournamnet in two days time.
And rounding the day off, the next tranch of four begiiners name checking at the end of their course) discovered crouet this evening, with Helena Fensome and Chris Roberts.