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4 December - Time to renew your Croquet Club membership please

Membership Secretary Madeleine Probert has e-mailed all members with a call to all please renew your Croquet Club memberships.
These are due on 1 January but please amke Madeleine's life easier and rewnew without further prompt - It's just £20.

Mid-December - Members enjoying regular play

Regular play now taking place most days with the ratioing in place -  2 plays in any 5 days.

26 December - Oxfordshire now under Tier 4 restrictions

Today seas Oxfordshire move into Tier 4 Covid-19 restrictions and the Phyllis Court Main Club building is closed.
The club grounds and croquet court remain open as do the Findlay Suite toilets.

You may only meet with one other person* in an outdoor location.
- Consequently only 1 Singles Game will be permitted and any time.

(*unless in your household or support 'bubble')

25 December - Merry Christmas eveyone

1 January - Happy New Year Everyone - attending Phyllis Court

With Oxfordshire moving into Tier 4 Covid-19 restrictions on Boxfing Day and and the Phyllis Court Main Club building having to close, it is not the best of start for 2021..
Looking on the brightside though - surely things can only get better!

Attending the Club from outside our Tier 4 area (Oxfordshire) has been question by three or four members.
The Governemnt's advice on travelling into, out of and through, different Tier 4 areas seems pretty clear to me.
However, I will seek an official position on this from Main Club CEO Chris Hogan on Monday and the policy for croquet will of course continue to follow that of the Main Club.
Chris Hogan's statements of 21 Decemeber (when he asked members from outside the county not to visit the club) & 23 Decemeber, have not been amended as far as I am aware.
Chris Roberts, Chairman, PCC Crqouet

   5 January - Lockdown again - all play suspended

   Following the PMís statement last evening, and in consultation with Phyllis Court CEO Chris Hogan this morning, I am sad to confirm that:
Our croquet courts are now closed until the Lockdown restrictions are lifted.

   The fornt apge of this website has been updated with easy links to the latest statements by The UK Government, Phyllis Court Club and The Croquet Association.
   Please check these live links for the most up to date information now and in the weeks ahead.

   The Croquet Associationís statement this morning, sums up the current situation well:
   The latest national lockdown guidance for England states that "Outdoor sports venues, including tennis courts, golf courses and swimming pools, must close."
   The CA therefore advises croquet clubs to close until the restrictions are lifted.

   Rick Lilley has removed our hoops for safekeeping and for ease of grass cutting during this period of closure.
   More positively, with the vaccination programme now underway, we can look forward to brighter times ahead.
   Stay safe everyone.
   (this message was sent to all membes today)

9 January - Welcome to 11 new members

Welcome to our 11 new members who have joined us for the 2021 season: Sarah Backhouse, Christine Dunning, Ian Forster, Jean Forster, Danny Hall, John Rumford, Sue Rumford, Kit Scott-Brown, Henry Sless, Alison Smith and Maureen Ward and also to Sandra Dent and Lynne Lewis who joined very late last year.
They join the remaining 23 members form our 2020 intake who didnít take-up our Beginners Training Courses last year and hopefully will do so in the spring (assuming they re-new their membership).

9 January - Overdue membership subs reminder

Croquet Club subscriptions were due on 1 January and thank you to those of you who renewed on time.
Please will everyone else address this promptly to make Membership Secretary Madeleineís job less drawn out.
Hopefully most of our members will be sticking with us and looking forward to playing again before too long, but if you are not intending to re-new please will let us know.

10 January - New Year Handicap Reductions for impressive 8 - Congratulations all!

Our annual review of handicaps has been completed by out two Club and CA Handicappers Frances Colman and Chris Roberts
The review seeks to re-align any players handicaps that are deemed not to be a true reflection of their abaility.
This is an on-going process, and occasionally manaula alteratuons are administered mid-season (usually for rapid improvers)
This year 8 players have been rewarded for theri progress with manaul handicap adjustments and so it is congratulations to:

Jeff Smith                9 to  8

Allan Henderson   11 to 10
Phil Johnson         11 to 10
Make Sayer           12 to 10

Laurie Bilson         12 to 11
Julia Green            12 to 11
Patricia Mulcahy   12 to 11
Liz Smith               12 to 11

Every member (except those awaiting a Beginners Course) has a current GC handicap - click here to see yours! -

Club and CA Handicappers Frances Colman and Chris Roberts