Winter play rules
Rules for Winter Play

It is impractical to use the lawns during October and November because re-seeding and fertilising takes place. This is a minimum of eight weeks to allow germination of the grass for next year. Some clubs rotate their courts and re-seed on a bi-annually basis but it is the policy at PCC to re-seed each year. Frequent mowing from then on will improve the courts for the summer season. But the length of the grass during the winter months will be longer than in the summer. 
The grounds staff will mow the courts around the Christmas period, this is weather dependent and Chris Roberts will set out lawns 1 and 2 after they have been mowed. The weather and staff holidays will determine when the courts are mowed and when we can therefore start our winter season.  Lawns 3 and 4 will also be set out in due course, if there is sufficient demand
For 2015 Don Rutherford is taking responsibility for the courts and equipment and if you have any problems with the courts or equipment please contact him.

Court Care
Players must take care at all times not to damage the lawns. Play is not possible in frosty conditions or when the lawns are waterlogged.  Do not play if there is a sign saying ‘NO PLAY TODAY’ or ‘NO PLAY UNTIL NOON’ at the entrance. The Groundsman will be responsible for seeing this sign is in place each weekday and a committee member will see to placing the sign at the weekends. If the courts are waterlogged or covered in frost do not play even if the sign is missing.
The hoops are offset so that any damage to the court around the hoops will not affect Summer play when the hoops will be moved back to their correct locations.
JUMP shots are not permitted.
Please carry a divot repair tool with you at all times and immediately repair any divots, indentations or scrapes. (Divot repair tools are available in the Pavilion).

Players must be prepared to double-bank at all times.
Whites are not required. Please wrap up well.
Mix-in days are: GC Tuesday and Thursday at 1.00pm but if there is demand this will be extended to Sundays also. This will not be supervised and we ask all members to be kind to one another.
AC there are no designated mix-ins times for AC during the winter.
We are inaugurating a Winter Competition for Golf Croquet. Details of the new competition will be circulated in due course.

The Booking system will be available and players may book up to 1˝ hour session for either AC or GC. It is recommended that AC games are limited to 14 point games of 1˝ hour duration with bisques being halved.
Once a booked game has been played, players may then book another session.
Courts may not be booked in advance for practice, but if the courts are free please do practice all you want.

Chris Roberts