Phyllis Court Club, Marlow Road, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 2HT

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1. The object of the Croquet Section is to promote the playing of Association Croquet, Golf Croquet and Garden Croquet by members of Phyllis Court Club.

2. Membership shall be open to any member of Phyllis Court Club.

3. A member of Phyllis Court Club may become a member of the Section by notifying the Membership Secretary and paying the annual subscription.

4. An annual General Meeting will be held every November, to be convened  by the Secretary, giving at least three weeks notice.

5. The Treasurer will present examined accounts for approval at an Annual General Meeting.

6. Any change in the annual subscription must be approved at an Annual General Meeting.

7. An Extraordinary General Meeting must be called if one third of the membership sign their support of a stated proposal.  No other business will be discussed.

8. The affairs of the Section will be administered by a Committee consisting of a minimum of six and a maximum of ten members.  This Committee will be elected at each Annual General Meeting for a term of office which expires at the next Annual General Meeting.   The Treasurer may not be the Treasurer of any other Section.   No one should serve as Chairman for more than three years consecutively.

9. All members of the Section are eligible to serve on the Committee with two exceptions
      (a)  a member who has served on the Committee for five consecutive terms of office is not eligible for the next term of office;
      (b)  a member of the Committee who resigns during a term of office is not eligible for the remainder of that term of office and the whole of the next term of office.
10. Notice of candidature for election to the Committee must be in writing, signed by a proposer and seconder, and given to the Secretary, together with the signed agreement of the candidate, at least one week before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

11. The Committee will appoint a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.  Any two of these three officers have the authority to sign cheques on behalf of the Section.   The Committee may appoint any other officers deemed necessary for the running of the Section.  The Committee may co-opt any eligible member to serve on the Committee so long as this does not cause the Committee to exceed the maximum size permitted.

12. A quorum for a Committee shall be four members of the Committee, which must include two of the following officers Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary, or Treasurer.  A quorum for a General Meeting shall be a quarter of the paid-up members of the section and must include two of the above officers.

13. Decisions made at a Committee meeting shall be by a simple majority of votes from those members of the Committee attending the meeting.  Decisions made at a General Meeting shall be by a simple majority of votes from those paid-up members of the Section attending the meeting.  At any Committee meeting or General Meeting, if equal numbers of votes are recorded both for and against a motion, the Chairman of the meeting shall be entitled to the casting vote.

14. Any alterations to the Constitution must be presented in draft form to Council prior to being approved by the Section at an Annual General Meeting and subsequently ratified by the Council of Phyllis Court Club.

15. Nothing in the constitution, bye laws or rules of the Croquet Section shall conflict in any way with the Rules of Phyllis Court  Club.  Where a conflict of interest might appear to arise the Rules of Phyllis Court Club shall prevail and the decision of the Council of Phyllis Court Club will be final in all such matters.   

16. The Committee will draw up Bye-laws for the Section and agree them with the Council of Phyllis Court Club.

17. In the event of the Section closing, after all debts are paid any remaining money will be transferred to Phyllis Court Club.

                        Constitution updated 13 Nov 2009