Association Croquet One Ball Handicap Tournament 2016

Winner receives the
Tankard Trophy

6 July 2016 - Raghu Iyer won our One ball Tournament

Raghu Iyer won our One Ball Tournament today for the second time.
Reprising his win in 2014, Raghu was undefeated in five rounds of this Swiss style event and finished ahead of holder Dianne Browne.
It was mathematically possible for Raghu to be caught after four rounds of play, but having already beaten his nearest rivals it was unlikely.
To be sure a fifth round was organised and Raghu beat Christine Searle to move even further ahead and secure the 'Tankard (wooden Ball) Trophy.
Results: Raghu Iyer 5/5, Dianne Browne 3/4, Philip Allison 2/4, Joanna Iyer 2/4, Chris Roberts 2/4, Rosie Richardson 2/4, Christine Searle 2/5, Pauline Wood 1/4.
(and not playing on into the afternoon): Derek Toms 2/3, Hugh Crook 1/3, Elizabeth O'Dair 1/3, Alan O'Dair 0/3.