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The ‘6-9' Evening Series’

The ‘6-9' Evening Series’ is a series of competitive GC events run on selected evenings through the season from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. for those with a handicap in the 6-9 range.

They offer an introduction to tournament play, a chance to play in a competitive environment with players of similar standard, and an opportunity to meet other club members.


On each evening, participants play three level-play singles games against different opponents, with the results being accumulated over the season.

Participants register for the series and should expect to play in not less than three events.


This leader board will be updated after each event.

It is the intention that, towards the end of the season, a winner wil be determined from Evening Series results or by a 'finals' procedure (to be decided).

It is not too late to register for 2022, so if you would like to enter, please contact Russell Robinson.

GC 6-9 Evening Series Competition 2022
31 August -
Gillian Symons wins 6-9 Evening Series

Manager Russell Robinson reports:
Today saw the ninth and final event in our inaugural 6-9 Evening Series competition, which has been open to those who have had a handicap of between 6 and 9 at some stage during the season.
Fourteen players participated, although three withdrew during the season.
“Who plays who” on each evening was pre-determined to try to ensure that everyone played everyone else at least once.
Andy Jones, Gillian Symons and David Young all went into this last evening with title hopes, having just two losses from their 8 or 9 previous games, and with both Gillian and David to play Andy, a tense climax seemed on the cards.
Andy and Gillian both won their first two games (Andy defeating David), which beautifully set up the evening’s final game against each other, with the victor to be declared the outright winner of the competition
After an early tit-for-tat exchange led to a 3-3 scoreline, Gillian stretched away to 5-3, preluding a long contest at hoop 9, eventually won by Gillian as Andy was unable to nail a number of long clearances.
With Andy then unlucky to leave both his balls hampered in hoop 10, Gillian was able to slot a straightforward winning stroke at hoop 11 and thereby lift the “virtual” trophy and reduce her handicap to 6.
Congratulations, Gillian!