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6 June - Reminder that club mallets are available for 'long-term' loan

Please contact Chris Roberts fi you would like to borrow a club mallet 'while stocks last'.
7 June - Court bookings 'numbers' for first 10 days back

Week 1 :  15 May to 17 May (three days only)
14 bookings were made by 10 different members (representing about 15 individual players)
Week 2 :  18 May to 24 May
65 bookings were made by 38 different members (representing about 55 individual players) - 39 different members have made at least one booking so far.
Week 3 :  25 May to 1 June
70 bookings were made by 47 different members (representing about 65 individual players) - 54 different members have made at least one booking so far.
Week 4 :  2 June to 1 June
79 bookings were made by 51 different members (representing about 60 individual players) - 62 different members have made at least one booking so far.
8 June -  4  players now permitted on Courts 1 & 2

The croquet playing capacity of Courts 1 & 2 is doubled from today - whilst still maintaining social distancing measures as a priority.

This means members can book for:    2x Singles games (double banked)    OR    1x Doubles game

* For Doubles a member must book-out the Primary AND Secondary balls booking slots.
There can only be 4 people on court at the same time.

Court 3 reamins a 'two-players only' area for beginners awaiting training and those who will feel more comfortable without double-banking.
- the exception to this will be for beginners taining, where the qualified coach will maintain the '2 meters distance rules for the class.
10 June -  The deadline for our season-long competitions entries is 0800 tomorow

Reminder e-mail sent.
11 June - Entries for Singles competitions beat last season's numbers!

Against expectations, entry numers for our season-long competitions have actually exceded those of last year!

Total Entries
Number of different players
12 June - Richard Peperell reduces his GC handicap to 1

Richard Peperell (left) has been playing a lot of croquet since the easing of the lockdown and playing very well too.
Wins in a couple of internal competition games at his Primary Club, High Wycombe has been rewarded by a handicap drop to 1.
Congratulations Richard!

14 June - Beginners Training started today

The 2020 Beginners Training Courses started today with Jean Douglas-Withers and Hugh Baylis first to be put throgh theri paces.
So far, 16 new players are booked-in for couses over the next two weeks.
- We have had a quie an unprecedented 50 new beginners joj our club this year, and so it will be quite a task to deliver training to them all, but we will get as far as we can.

15 June - First tournament announced

In a further move in the direction of 'normal times', we were pleased to announce (by e-mail to all members) the staging of our first day tournament.
The 8+ Singles tournament will be held on Friday 26 June.

16 June - Season-long Singles competition knock-out grids published

Our season-long Singles competitions got under way to day with the publication of the knock-out grids.
As well as being sent to every member, the grids are displayed on dedicated pages on this website (see the navigation buttons in the black menu panel on the home page).
They will also be displayed on the pavilion notice board in due course.

22 June - Green wins the first competion match of the season

Julia Green beat Kevin Ward 7-3, 7-4 in the 7+ Singles first round this evening to bevome our first competition match winer of the season.
Further competition matches follow every day now for the next three weeks, as members have done well in orgainising their matches.
Thereare sill a few staggelers who are uregd to 'get on with it' please.

18 June - Can you help?   Pleae will you lend any spare mallets for our beginners?

Perhaps you have an old/spare redundant mallet at home or maybe you are not planning to play in the current circumstances.
Please will you consider being kind enough lend us your mallet for the time being?

You will have seen that we have begun to offer Beginners Training Courses to our new members, starting with those who had come forward to ‘long-term borrow’ one of our club mallets that we could no longer leave in the pavilion for communal use.
So far, 2 new members have completed their course, 6 are mid-course, and 8 are booked in for next week – a total of 16.
However, we have a further 34 new members that we would like to offer a Beginners Course, but we have run out of mallets.
Will any members who are willimng to loan any spares mallet, please get intouch with Chris.

20 June - Members come forward with spare mallets

We have had a terriffic responce to the call for spare mallets and thsnk you to all those who gave mallets for us to loan.

17 June - Baylis,  Douglas-Withers (left) & Walker all successfully pass the Beginners Training Course

The firts three new members to successfully complete their Beginner's Training Course yeasterday and today, are Hugh Baylis, Jean Douglas-Withers and Bundy Walker.
Congratulations all three!
19 June - O'Brien, Smith & Symons
all pass Beginners Training Course all successfully pass the Beginners Training Course

Coach Helena Fensome sucessfully steered the next three beginners through their course today.
Mireille O'Brien, Lis Smith and Gillian Symons all now have their 'wings
Congratulations all three!
22 June - Zeitman passes the Beginners Training Course with a day to spare

Betina Zeitman showed great promise in sucessfully completimng her course a whole day early -
Congratulations all Bettina!
24 June - Norris, Owen and M.Fensome all progress in the Handicap Singles

Richard Owen (handicap, 10) had a tough match in the Handicap Singles competition against debutant Patricia Mulcahy (12) this moring, and was pleased to win 7-5, 4-7, 7-3.
Mike Fensome (0) was also taken to a third and deciding game i  his Handicap Singles competition amtch, before he overcome trickey opponent Barrie Scott (9).
Yesterday - Ian Norris (-1) gopt past Jim walter (11) in staight games 7-4, 7-4.

25 June - Channon, Kingon & Liddiard are latest to pass the Beginners Training Course

David Channon, Wendy Kingon and Bo Liddiard all passed the Beginners Training Course today.
Congratulations to all three.
26 June - Searle's clean sweep wins 8+ Singles (Black Ball Trophy) tournament

Christine Searle impressively won all six of her games in today's first tournament of this much disrupted season.
She had some close games along the way mots notably being taken to the 13th hop by Rick Lilley in the morning block stage and the David Young turned the same trick in the afternoon's second phase.
Young was the surprise package of the tournament with a day tally of four victories and second place overall, with Edmund Shirley in third and John Maguire, who could not manage maintain his morning wining ways, trailing in fourth.
In the afternoon's junior half of the tournament, Rick Lilley recovered to win all his games for a four wins day tally and fifth place overall.
But the day belonged to Christine Searle who became the fouth winner of the Black Ball Trophy.

* This tournament acts as a Qualifier for the National Grass Roots (8+) competition and the top four finishers progressing to a single day National Final at Watford CC on 6 September (if it goes ahead in the current circumstances).
Christine Searle actually won the Grass Roots National Final back in 2016 and is therefore ineligible to participate again, so Messrs Young, Shirley, Maguire and Lilley will get the qualifying places.

- Photograph: Winner Christine Searle and runer-up David Young.                                         Full results here:
25 June - Browne, Spiers and S.Morton all win competition openers

There were fisrt round wins for Dianne Browne, Daphne Spiers and Stever oroton in the 3+, 7+ and HAndicap competiotions today.
31 June - Lots of players progress in Season-Long knock-outs

In the past five days the following players have all won throught to the next round of their varions singles competitions:
Open       - Mike Fensome  Chris Roberts
3+           - Mary Gaynor,  Rick Lilley
7+           - David Strattton, Sally Tooher
Handicap - Hugh Crook, David Young (twice)
26 June - Searle reduces her handicap to 8

Christine Searle reduced her handicap by TWO grades at today's tournament. She is now a handicap 8.
Congratulations Christine! . . .