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1 March - Book NOW for 'Improvers Coaching Sessions'

Several people were paying special attention at our pre-season meeting when I first memtioned Improvers Coaching Sessions, and first session was quickly booked-up in the ensuing days.
An afternoon session is now advertised along with a new earlier date.
These two-hour sessions are for a maximum of 8 players only – if you would like to attend, please book with me by return e-mail - the cost is £ 5 per player.
05 April – 1300-1500 - for handicaps 10+   newly added class,                  - please apply now
10 April – 1000-1200 - for handicaps 10+    FULLY BOOKED (8 players)
10 April – 1300-1500 - for handicaps   9-     class has some space,           - please apply now
2 March - Phyllis Court host SCF Referees & coaches New GC Rules semiar

Phyllis Court hosted a SCF/Ian Shore seminar for referees, coaches and senior players today.
This was very well attended by aforementioned qualified people and other representatives of most of the northern located SCF clubs (about 30 attendees).
I have booked the Thames Room again for a Phyllis Court players' seminar to be held on Friday 15 March, 1000 for 1030 (start)  - OPEN TO ALL.
4 March - Super demand sees 32 players sign up for 'Improvers Coaching Sessions'

Unprecedents deamnd for 'Inprovers' coaching sessions saw two extar calsses set-up only for them to to be filled withing hours!
05 April – 1300-1500 - for handicaps 10+    FULLY BOOKED (8 players)
10 April – 1000-1200 - for handicaps 10+    FULLY BOOKED (8 players)
10 April – 1300-1500 - for handicaps   9-     FULLY BOOKED (8 players)
11 April – 1000-1200 - for handicaps 10+    FULLY BOOKED (8 players)
If anyone else would like to attend a session, more still could be added - contact Chris if you are interested.
5 March - Phyllis Court to play first ever Floodlit Match!

Next Wednesday (13 March), we will play our first ever match under floodlights at the Roehampton Club
Play will start in the late afternoon and then move to the only fully floodlit court in the country as darkness descends.
Our team is a representative one, chosen to match the handicaps of our hosts.
PCC - Chris Roberts (-1), Roger Goldring (-1), Dianne Browne (4), Raghu Iyer (5)
6 March -  GC Rules Changes - semiar next Friday (15 March) - all welcome

Following the sucess of the semiar that qualified referee Ian Shore deliver to Referees and Coaches from the SCF Clubs at the weekeend, we have invited  him to address our own club members on the subject.
Ian will delievr his aclaimend seminar at the Phyllis Court Thames Room on Friday 13 March (1000 for coffee, 1030 semiar starts)
All members are most welcome and it is hoped that out team players will make a special effort to attend.
10 March - Lots of Court 1 action on Sunday - Court 2 will open soon

It was good to see eight players double-banking on Court 1 on Sunday morning - such enthusiasm bodes well for the season ahead.
Head Gardener Paul will be putting the lines on Court 2 as soon as possible, after which I will site the hoops an double our playing capacity.
13 March - Our first ever floodlit match is drawn at Roehampton

History was made this evening at Roehampton where a Phyllis Court team played our first ever match under floodlights!
A fiiting 5 - 5 draw was secured by Dianne Browne with an excepllent first ball to hoop 13 in the last doubles game.
Roger Goldring was our 'most valuable player' because he was undefeated in his two singles and two doubles games.
PCC team - Chris Roberts (-1), Roger Goldring (-1), Dianne Browne (4), Raghu Iyer (5).
20 March -  Hoops set out today on Court 2 - now open for play

This morning I set the hoops of Court 2, which is now available for play.
However, I can’t sort out the booking system for Court 2 until Friday, so please don’t try to book it until later that day.  - - - - That's been done now!

Please remember the Booking Rules:
Bookings for friendly play               – no more than 2 weeks in advance
Bookings for competition matches  – no more than 4 weeks in advance

Mix-in sessions are:
Tuesday     1000 – 1300     – association croquet mix-in
Tuesday     1330 – 1630     – golf croquet mix-in
Thursday    1330 – 1630     – golf croquet mix-in
Sunday      1330 – 1630     – golf croquet mix-in
21 March - TIME RUNNING OUT to enter our Season-Long Competitions

The published deadline for entering our season-long competitions was 22 March.
I am extending this for one week only - until next Friday (29 March) to give you stragglers a chance - but the axe is about to fall.
A reminder e-mail was sent to everyone today.
Please do join in!  :O)
28 March - Court 3 is lined and the hoops will be set out on Sunday

Court 3 will soon be in action.
The lines were put on today and I will site the hoops on Sunday in preparation for the start of our 'summer season'.
The Eagle eyed will notice that the boundary at the carp park end has been marked about 5 yards shorter that usual.
This is in order to allow an area (that would have been right beside hoop 1) that suffered the crow/chafer bug damage last year, a change to grow uninterrupted by our feet!
As soon as there is some grass there, Court 3 will be returned to full length.
29 March - Croquet with the Gardeners! - Paul, Henry and Jack

Great fun was had this afternoon when we saw through our plan to introduce our lovely gardeners to our sport.
We reasoned that it would benefit everyone if they had an appreciation of croquet and why it is that we like the courts to be presented in the way that we do.
For instance it's not immediately obvious why cutting the grass very short is so important to us, unless one has actually played on it and Frances, Raouf, Roger and I couldn't have chosen a warmer and sunnier day for this useful exercise.
Our gardening trio Henry, Jack and head man Paul all enjoyed themselves very much, which was another reason for getting this together, and all of them remarked that they could now understand much better 'what we have been on about' (I paraphrase).
For the start of our 'summer season' on Monday Morning (1 April), the low-cutting Dennis mower will be employed for the first time and all our gardening friends want to try croquet again to see the different that it makes to play.
- Oh and incase you were wondering - It turned out that all three gardeners were really good at croquet!

29 March - Please were Whites from tomorrow      Reminder 

Our summer season starter tomorrow - I April - so time to find and wear those whites from now on please.

Tomorrow also sees the start of our annual Beginners Training Courses for 22 new members.
The 'Class of 2019' will be taken through their paces in the next two weeks, principally by me (Chris) with grateful help from help from Frances and Helena