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01 July - Richard Peperell reduces his AC handicap to 4

A combination of good results in recent tournaments has seen Richard Peperell's AC handicap reduced to 4 for the first time.
Congratulations Richard!
01 July - Phyllis Court AC 2,  High Wycombe 2  (last two matches played today)

Raghu Iyer won his match at a 'golden hoop' today (+1 on tieme) but Ricahrd Peperell's opponent had too many bisques and resriced our aman to two long shots only and he lost (-26).
10 July - Blewbury 1, PCC 'A'  6

Captain Roger Goldring reports:
Raouf Allim (handicap,-2) and Roger Goldring (-1) cruised to an easy win in the doubles first game against Steve Fisher (3) and David Grinstead (4), and were 5-2 up in the second, with the scent of victory in the air.
Then a bombshell: fantastic clearances from the Blewbury pair saw them burst back in to win the second game.
Oreder was restored there after the third game went our way.
Meanwhile Helena Fensome (2) was taken to a deciding game by Blwebury's David Seed (5), and Robin Coates (2) went down in a three-gamer againt David Vincent (4).
So at lunch Phyllis Court were 2-1 up, but with nothing assured. However, after lunch it all went our way
Allim had a fine 2-game win against Fisher (who sportingly gave him a 10-minute medical break - Allim was seen to be rolling on the ground easing his back); Goldring won his first game against Grinstead, and the second was decided at a sticky moment at the 12th hoop when he was peeled to give him the match.
Coates bounced back from his morning upset to beat Seed in fine style, 2-0 but Fensome lost her first game against Vincent before winning her second match of the day.
We had won - and Allim juggled balls to celebrate (yes, juggled balls - he's mad).
Tea and cake was served by our friendly hosts, and, with the most wonderful views over the Chilterns and lovely weather, who could want more?
PCC 'A': Raouf Allim (-2), Roger Goldring (-1), Helena Fensome (2), Robin Coates (2).
05 July - Roberts disappointing at Welsh Championship

Chris Roberts disappointed at the Welsh GC Championship today and only managed a fifty per cent winning record.
Duffryn CC, the premier croquet Club in Wales, was forced to relocate at the end of last season and. whilst new facilities are taking time to mature, the Welsh Championship too place at Cheltenham CC.
Roberts missed out on a play-off place for the want of one more victory in the single day event.
06-07 July - Goldring's runner-up in A-Level Series Ryde (Isle of Wight) Open

Whist the Royal Regatta took centre stage at Phyllis Court last week, croquet attention was on the national tournament scene with a trio of club players in action in 'overseas' events.
Making a splash on the 'South Island', as the Isle of Wight locals like to describe their home, were northern invaders Chris Roberts, Raouf Allim and Roger Goldring who, along with Ian Shore from the High Wycombe Club, gave our area a very strong presence.
The Ryde Open, which is part of the National second tier A-Level Series competition, turned out to be quite a strange affair with an almost complete turnaround in form four our local players between the two days of the event.
Allim started in marvellous fashion and won all but one of his block games to head group at the end of that phase of the tournament on Saturday evening.
By contrast, Roberts and Goldring had disappointing first days given their high seedlings, won fifty percent and only just qualified of the knock-out stage in third and fourth places respectively from their block.
This brought about the intreating prospect of a Sunday morning Phyllis Court quarter-final derby between Allim and Goldring with the former carrying favourite's tag.
However, as is so often the case, 'tomorrow is another day' and Goldring stole a march by taking the first game of the three game match by 7-3.
Allim levelled in the second game 3-7 to set up an extremely competitive deciding third game which was to typify Goldring's whole day.
An unwelcome reappearance of the back injury that has plagued Alim this season began to compromise his available stoke choice in the latter stages of that decider but Goldring was by now dead-eyed with his clearance strokes and duly one through to the semi-finals 7-3.
Meanwhile, Roberts to had found some form at last and made fairly short work of Stuart M Smith, the leader of the National A-Level Series competition with two previous tournament victories under and his belt this season.
Roberts won 7-5, 7-3 To give Phyllis Court dual representation in the semi-finals and fortunately, he and Goldring were in opposite halves of the draw.
Both matches needed a third game to decide matters; Goldring beat Guildford's Chris Heath 6-7, 7-2 7-3 and for Roberts there was agony in his deciding game when at 6-5 up and eight inches from what would have been a winning twelfth hoop, saw his opponent Steve Leonard shoot ambitiously from and angle at fully 25 yards to sneak through the tiniest of gaps to score.
Deflated, Roberts didn't play the last hoop at all well and lost the match 5-7, 7-1, 6-7, and later went on to win the third-place match with Heath but it was the lost chance of the all Phyllis Court final with Goldring that rankled most.
Goldring's versus Leonard was a classic with both players at the top of their games.
The multiple repeat long clearances that dominated their final resulted in increasing anxiety about catching the last hovercraft home when a 7-5 first game win was countered Leonard saving the match with a 7-6 win in eth second.
Hoops were traded evenly in the decider until Leonard ran hoop seven from the boundary so well that he took a commanding position at hoop nine in the same stroke.
It was the pivotal moment and although Goldring kept place there after the tow hoop lead was enough and for Leonard to win the game, match and Ryde Open title.
The two finalist and player-manager Roberts made a dash for that last hovercraft at 2045 and made it by the skin of their teeth!

10 July - Thames Valley 6, PCC 'Friendly' 3

Phyllis Court played a Friendly match at Thames Valley CC today.
All three of our pairs won a game but we went down 3-6.
PCC 'Friendly': David Young (10), Pauline Wood (10), Margaret Broughton (10), Rick Lilley (11), Russell Robinson (11), Diana Zatouroff (11)
12 July - PCC 'C' 8, Blewbury 'B' 8

Debutant Barrie Scott made an important contribution to his first League match when he held his nerve to win his last game to secure a match draw for PCC 'C' this afternoon.
More details to come when known.
PCC 'Friendly': Don Rutherford (6), Ralph Chambers (7), John Maguire (9), Barrie Scott (10)
13 July - Seven wins in a row gives Colman a class title at The National Seniors Championship

Frances Colman hit a purple patch at Budleigh Salterton CC in Devon this week and won seven AC games in a row at the National Seniors Championship.
After a disappointing opening day and in the handicap event, she bounced back to win twice on Day 2 and took that good form in to the three-day Advanced class event that followed.
Here she swept the board and went into her last game full of confidence against Geraldine O'Rourke from Ireland, whom she had beaten narrowly in the handicap event.
Although this was an 'all play all' block event, this last game was a de-facto final with O'Rourke needing to win to peg back the undefeated Colman and then win on the 'who beat whom' tie break.
Colman held a slim three hoop lead as the last 15 minutes approached and crucially had the innings, so was able to control the end of game phase, in fact stretching her lead and winning margin to +8 at the close.
These five wins have improved Colman's national ranking and she will be hopeful of more success in the joint Phyllis Court / High Wycombe Advanced tournament this week.

Chris Roberts won four of this eight games in the A-Class event and improved his ranking to just outside he UK top 100.
15 July - A record FOUR Phyllis Court teams were in action on the same day today - AND ALL WON!

PCC ‘A’ v Ryde (SCF Level League)     - Chris Roberts (-2) ©, Raouf Allim (-2), Roger Goldring (-1), Helena Fensome (2)
PCC ‘Development’ v Ryde (Friendly) - Mike Fensome (0) ©, Jeff Smith (10), Rick Lilley (11), 4. Russell Robinson (11)
PCC 'B' v Wingrave (SCF H'cap Lge.)   - Robin Coates (2), Dianne Browne (3), Delia Norris (4), Colin Morgan (6), res: Raymond Wood (4) ©
PCC Friendly’ v Hurlingham                - Steve Morton (9), Derdre McKibbin (9), Angus McKibbin (9), David Young (10)

PCC 'A' beat Ryde 'A' 5-2 on the Isle of Wight on a glorious day today.
Chairs Roberts and Raouf Allim were undone in the morning doubles rubber but recovered well to beat the same opponents in the afternoon singles.
Playing at number 3, Roger Goldring won his morning singles in straight games but then lost his way, also in straight games, in his afternoon match.
And Helena Fensome really returned to form, when she came back from a first game loss to win her morning match 2-1 and then won her afternoon game 2-0.
So, this was a tricky away fixture completed in efficient fashion by our team who can look forward to the traditional end of season show down with Winchester, the result of which will have a huge baring on the SCF League title.
12 July - PCC 'AC' 2,  Eynsham 2

The remaining half of this match was completed this evening.
PCC were tied at 1 -1 after the first two games were played at Eynsham a couple of weeks ago and this evening's games were also shared evenly.
Richard Peperell (4) obviously put up a good fight before going down to Stephen Wright (0.5) 21-26 and captain Raghu Iyer (11) beat Nick Goodwin (22) 26-12.
PCC 'AC': Chris Roberts (-0.5), David Hopkins (3), Richard Peperell (4), Raghu Iyer (11)
11 July - Browne best of PCC trio at Bath B-Level

Dianne Brrown, Robin Coates and Colin Morgan took part in the Bath B-Level Series tournament today, which is part of the same National series as our own Smokey's Cup.
For Brown it was her first venture in this competition away from Phyllis Court and she finished as the best of ourr trio in seventh place.
PCC 'Development' beat Ryde 4-3.
Played alongside the 'A' teams' league match, this first outing for our Development Team (photo left,with our hovercraft) was a roaring success.
The idea was to give three of our newer players a taste of a long away match that they might aspire to in two or three year's time.
Mike Fensome was the 'elder statesman' leading the team who played opponents with a wide range of abilities, in a match that used the same format as the senior fixture.
Ryde were 1-2 up at lunch and the host were also too strong in the number 2 afternoon singles rubber for our Jeff Smith, but match wins for Fensome, Russell Robinson and Rick Lilley gave PCC 'Dev' the fixture result.

PCC 'B' beat Wingrave 10-2
This was a comprehensive victory by our side who blew away visitors Wingrave today.

PCC 'Friendly' beat Hurlingham  9-7
Steve Morton says: I am pleased to report that we won overall on Monday, 9 matches to 7. We started badly, losing all 4 singles in the first round, then rallied somewhat to be only 5-7 behind at lunchtime. We then won all 4 doubles matches after lunch!
So a good day was enjoyed by us all, enhanced by the win

17 July - We said good bye to Vivian Thomson

The funeral of Vivian Thomson took place today at Reading Crematorium.
Sylvia and extended family were joined by his friends including those from the Croquet Club.
(See the obituary at the foot of this page)
19 July - 'Court 5' plan saves 8+ Singles tournament

The heavy rain arrived before any of the first  games had got to the fourth hoop, so the players went to the main clubhouse for coffee and then a ‘brought forward’ lunch! - and at that point it seemed unlikely that there would be much more play in the day.
for the keen full field of 12 players.
At about 1200 we managed to fashion a tournament of sorts using short 7- hoops game for the block phase before employing  full 13-hoop games for the knock-out.
Initially, we only had use of court 3 and were getting nowhere fast.
Then a brain wave! We set up a new court!
W used the dry ends of courts 1 & 2 and the middle path area to create a new court in the middle – and it was only necessary  to move two hoops - (we could that lay-out Court 5!)
We then ‘triple’ banked on that using my stripy balls and continued to double bank on Court 3 and 'hey-presto', we managed to make real progress towards the knock-out final.
We got as far as that final before the rain came down heavy again and it got tool late and unpleasant.
So we ‘shelved’ the final – Tony Peperell v Russell Robinson – to another day.
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves despite the dampness and awkwardness of (not enough) court availability.

                   Tony Peperell & Russell Robinson qualify for National Final

Finalist Tony Peperell & Russell Robinson qualify at the Phyllis Court representatives at the National 8+ 'Grass Roots' Final (at Bath CC on 1 Sept.)  See the full results page here:
21 July -     The World Championships qualifiers   Roberts, Allim & Goldring to contest   - this week Monday to Thursday -

Charlie von Schmieder has an Ireland 'member place' and will be playing in the WCF Simon Carter GC World Championships from next Saturday (27 August to 4 September, in Sussex)
From Monday next week, three more PCC members will attempt to join Charlie whith good performances at the qualifying event (23 - 22-25 August at Guildford).
You can follow the results as they happen in real time on 
21 July - PCC 'A' beat Surbiton to reach National Inter-Club Championship semi-final !

Phyllis Court beat Surbiton by 3.5 games to 1.5 at the Surrey club today, with their best performance of the season.
We duly qualified for the semi-finals of the National Inter-Club Championship for the third season in a row (that is every year since our first ever appearance in 2017).
Playing an unfamiliar 3 players each side format due to the hastily arranged fixture, we got off to a fabulous start by winning both the morning rubbers.
Surbiton's team were better ranked player for player than our side, but that mattered little as Roger Goldring (-1) blew-away Nick Cheyne (-1) in the no.3's singles match 7-3, 7-2.
And it was the same story in the doubles rubber between the number 1 and 2 players, where Surbiton fielded former World AC Champion Stephen Mulliner (-5) and Chris Farthing (-3), but they were undone by our
Chris Roberts (-2) and Raouf Allim (-2).
We raced away to win the first game 6-1 and were soon 'dreaming' when we got ahead in game 2, but Mulliner's experience and sharp centre-ball clearances found Roberts needing to score hoop 12 to draw level and hope for a Surbiton error at hoop 13 which didn't come, and we lost 6-7.
Spurred on by Goldring's win on the adjoining court, we again started well and before long everything was going our way, with reliable jumps shorts from Allim and long range clearances by Roberts, we beat the odds with a second 7-1 winning score line.
At 2-0 up in the match, with three singles to play after lunch, Phyllis Court confidence was sky high and soon enough it was realised too.
Mulliner stepped up a gear, came from behind to beat Roberts 5-7 which two memorable centre ball clearances at hoop 11 and turned the screw further to win the second game 3-7.
But by then Allim had won his first game versus Cheyne 7-2 and was 4-0 up in the second and the expectation of a match winning victory in that rubber was hard to constrain.
Cheyne mounted a spirited comeback on a miserable day for him, but Allim closed the game out 7-3 to secure the Phyllis Court victory.
Goldring had lost his first game to Farthing 5-7 and looked to have thrown away control of the second with a failed jump shot that scored for his opponent.
But he played that last two hoops very well indeed and coolly scored hoop 13 from distance to level his rubber, which was then 'halved' with the match result already decided.

This was a super win for Phyllis Court who will now play Roehampton at a venue and date to be decided (before 25 August).
PCC 'A': Chris Roberts (-2), Raouf Allim (-2), Roger Goldring (-1).
Surbiton: Stephen Mulliner (-5), Chris Farthing (-3), Nick Cheyne (-1).
21 July - Richard Peperell plays for the English CA v the CA of Ireland

Playing alongside our Inter-Club match today at Surbiton (see above) was the Croquet Association (England) team v the Croquet Association of Ireland.
Included in the England number, for the second year running in this annual AC challenge match, was our own Richard Peperell.
Richard won one singles and one doubles game, but lost two of the former and one of the latter.
Ireland won back the trophy (a silver cigar box) with vicory by 14-10.
22 July -    The World Championships qualifiers   Roberts' good day heads our trio    - Day 1 report

Chris Roberts had a great first day at the World Championship qualifying event at Guildford & Godalming today.
He won five of his six games for a joint lead in his block of 12 players that includes Roger Goldring who had a disappointing day with only two wins to his name.
In the other block, Raouf Allim is 'in the mix' with three wins but nearly every player in his block has had success with either four or three wins, so no front runner has emerged yet.
Tomorrow (Tuesday) there are five more block games, after which the top six in each block will qualify for a second phase of block play to determine the seven player who will qualify for the World Championship main event.
You can follow the results as they happen in real time on 
22 July - We will be AWAY to Roehampton in our National semi

We lost the toss for venue for our Inter-Club Chamiponship semi-final and will be AWAY to Roehampton on a date to be agreed (before 25 August).
23 July -    The World Championships qualifiers   Phyllis Court  trio all qualify for the second phase Day 2 report

This was better day for the Phyllis Court trio all round, with improved performances from Roger Goldring in particular.
Chris Roberts had done well yesterday but still needed to guard against too many slip-ups today if he was going to land sufficient wins to qualify for tomorrow's second phase.
He lost to Goldring in first game of the day but put that behind him to win the next three games in a row, and by the time he lost the last game of the day his qualification was assured.
Raouf Allim was in better sprits today having come to terms with the unpredictable courts at Guildford, but his bock was less clear cut and wasn't decided until the last round when Allim had to beat Australian David Wise.
This he did, which the just left Goldring still with work to do in his late starting last game against the the number 2 New Zealand woman player Helen Reeve.
Roger got control of the game in the middle section and after a long battle at hoop 12, he scored to secure his place in the second phase.
Playing tomorrow and on Thursday, the second phase sees the top 12 players split into two block of six, with the top three from each qualifying for the World Championship 'as of right', and the two fourth placed finishers will face a play-off for he seventh and final starting place.
You can follow the results as they happen in real time on 
24 July -    The World Championships qualifiers   Allim & Roberts win twice - Day 3 report

There was a bit of disappointment first things this morning when it was revealed that the Phyllis Court trio had all been grouped together in the same second phase block, thank to our respective finishing positions in our phase 1 blocks.
Roger Goldring played top seed Simon Carter in a single 19 point game that lasted 3 hours (yes really) thank to the lightning fast courts and rock solid hoops.
And just to prove that wasn't a fluke, Raouf Allim and Chris Roberts played on the adjoining court and too 45 minutes longer!
Goldring lost that first game on the 13th hoop and eventually Allim beat Roberts 10-7.
Roberts then upset the seedings by defeating Carter 10-7, Allim lost surprisingly 9-10 to Liz Farrow and Goldring got wiped out 3-10 by Egyptian Sherif El Tarahouni.
In the last games of the day, Allim scored a grate 10-8 win over El Tarahouni, and Roberts got the better of Goldring by the same score.
There ae tow more games tomorrow, and doubtless there will some play-offs too, but going into the day Allim and Roberts have two wins each, while Goldring has no wins to show for his high skills today.
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24 July - PCC 'C'  10,   High Wycombe Kestrels  6   -  Iyer & T.Peperell reduce their handicaps

There was a good win for Phyllis Court 'C', away at High Wycombe today.
Captain Raghu Iyer won all his games and reduced his handicap from 5 to 4.
Tony Peperell also had a good day, with three wins out of four, reducing his handicap from 8 to 7.
PCC ''C':  Raghu Iyer (5), Tony Peperell (8), Bill Pitkeathley (8), John Maguire (9)
25 July -    The World Championships qualifiers   Roberts delighted to qualify - Final Day report

There was delight for Chris Roberts (left)  today when he qualified for the WCF Simon Carter World Championships (the main event starts on Saturday).
However, that was disappointment for Raouf Allim and Roger Goldring who got to the second phase of the qualifying event, but came up just short of the top seven qualifying places.
Roberts lost his morning game to the much improved Liz Farrow and so then had to beat Egyptian Sherif El Tarahouny which looked like being the harder of his two opponents today.
In a tense 19-point game that featured several long range hoop-saving clearances from both players, Roberts let an early lead slip at hoop 5 but did well to wrestle back the advantage at hoop 9, before holding his nerve to win 10-8 with an angled hoop run.
Goldring won his first game in the second phase this morning but unfortunately it was at the expense of Allim, and then as the extraordinary heat of the day enveloped to courts, Goldring found the going difficult and he went down to Farrow.
Having suffered that loss to Goldring, Allim needed to beat top seed Simon Carter but lost narrowly 8-10, so the went into a 'last chance' play-off with Australian David Wise.
He lead 3-0 but then fortune deserted him and Wise played extremely well to win the next 7 hoops in a row, leaving Allim in 8th place overall and just outside the 7 qualifying places for the main event.
So, Phyllis Court will have two players at the World Championships, qualifier Roberts (who will be playing under a Wales flag) joins Ireland 'member placer' Charlie von Schmieder.
You can follow the results as they happen in real time on 

Photo by Sarah Patton
26 July - PCC 'AC'  4,   Roehampton  3

Our AC team had a most enjoyable day at Roehampton today and came away with a narrow victory.
Richard Peperell impresed with a very tody all round break in the morning doubles and Raghu Iyer (playing handicap) polished-off his afternoon opponent in 45 minutes with a bisque standing.
PCC ''C':  Chris Roberts (-0.5), Riachrd Peperell (4), Frances Colman (9), Raghu Iyer (11)
27 July -  The WFC Simon Carter GC World Championships   -  von Schmieder and Roberts make good starts - Day 1 report

Both Phyllis Court representatives Charlie von Schmieder and Chris Roberts made good starts today, which saw the players contesting the opening two matches in their respective 10-player blocks.
For those following the results live as they come in on Croquet Scores, von Schmieder is in Block F and Roberts is in Block C.
Representing Ireland, Von Schmieder first played qualifier Liz Farrow from the host club (Sussex County CC) at the main centre venue at Southwick, near Brighton.
The match was a close fought affair, won at the last hoop of the deciding game 7-2, 3-7, 7-6.
He then played the top seed in his block Mohamed Karen of Egypt and was beaten 6-7, 3-7.
Representing Wales, Roberts played his Day 1 matches at Compton CC in Eastbourne, and was perhaps hampered by his rushed preparations yesterday (he only qualified the day before) and long morning drive from home.
He played the third seed in his block, Walid Wahban of Egypt and lost 4-7, 6-7.
However, there was a turnaround in fortunes in his second match when he beat England International Lionel Tibble 7-5, 7-5, which was and unexpected victory against a higher ranked player.
All the payers move venues tomorrow,with von Schmieder moving to Eastbourne and Roberts appearing at Southwick.
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28 July -  The WFC Simon Carter GC World Championships   -  mixed fortunes for PC pair - Day 2 report

There were contrasting fortunes for Charlie von Schmieder and Chris Roberts on Day 2 of the World Championships; the former kept up his 50% winning record in his two matches today but the latter lost both his.
Von Schmieder went down to lower seeded Jamie Gumbrell (Australia) 6-7, 5-7 but then defied the seedings in his next match to score a big scalp victory over the second seed in his block Karim Ghamry (Egypy, -4) 7-5, 3-7, 7-5.
tow wins from  4 matches is good going at this level of competition and having now played th best two players in his block, things are looking good for von Schmieder.
Roberts started with Manuel Alvarez-Sala (-3), one of four brother who make up the bulk of the Spanish national team, and our man struggled with the consistency and accuracy of his young opponent, losing 2-7, 5-7.
There was worse to come, not made any easier by its predictability, at the hands GC World no.3 and four-time AC World Champion Rob Fulford (-5) who missed only one 10 yard clearance in the whole match and he demolished Roberts 0-7, 4-7.
It was lovely to see our member Russell Robinson making the trip down to Southwick (near Brighton) today - thank you for your support Russell.(pictured left with Chris Roberts).
He witnessed (and filmed on his phone) what is probably going to be the 'shot of the Championship' played by Ben Rothman (USA) who jumped over the peg and two of his opponent's balls to score hoop 12, and he did it on the show court with a sizeable crowd to whoop and applaud.
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29 July -  The WFC Simon Carter GC World Championships   -  3 wins out of 4 for PCC pair - Day 3 report

Charlie von Schmieder had a great day today, winning both his matches to double his tally to 4 victories so far.
This puts him firmly in the mix for the top four finish in his bock meaning qualification for the main event knock-out.
Today he beat 17 year-old Euan Burridge (-2) who got to the semi-finals of the U21 World Championship last week 5-7, 7-6, 7-2, and he also beat Dusan Turcer the sole Portuguese representative 7-6, 7-5.
Tomorrow von Schmieder will be direct competition Jeff Soo (USA) and Tobi Savage (England) who are also contesting the last two qualification berths.
Playing for the first time at satellite venue West Worthing CC, Chris Roberts chalked up his second match win in the event, beating Lester Hughes (Australia) 7-1, 2-7, 7-5 but he came a cropper to Ahab Dincer (USA) 4-7, 6-7
Roberts and von Schmieder mat up for the fisrt time in this tournament this eveningas they are on and oposite venue pattern.
The PCC pair photocall (left) could not be missed.
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30 July -  The WFC Simon Carter GC World Championships   -  von Schmieder on 'cusp' of qualification - Day 4 report

Charlie von Schmieder moved a step closer to qaulification for the main event knock-out stage with a good win over USA international Jeff Soo by 7-6, 5-7, 7-3..
He then ended the day with another three game marathon with England international Tobi Savage before going sdown 7-5, 3-7,5-7.
Playing back at Southwich today in a howling gale,Chris Roberts was cross to drop the first game in his match with Scotsman Fergus Thompson but came back strongly to win 6-7, 7-3, 7-4.
He was even more pleased to take a game off young Egyptian Mostafa Nezar during his defeat by 4-7, 7-5, 1-7 - and has achieved a 'better than his seeding' number of wins which was his realistic pre-tournament target.
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31 July -  The WFC Simon Carter GC World Championships   -  PCC pair head for Plate - Day 5 report

The one more win that Charlie von Schmieder needed in order to qualify for the main knock-out proved illusive as he went down 4-7, 4-7 to the former European Champion, Spaniard Jose Riva this morning.
Chris Roberts who's three match wins going into today, saw qualification beyond him, went to Compton CC at Eastbourne today for his remaining match versus Brain Bullen of New Zealand, were our man played the best croquet of his tournament so far to win 7-4, 7-5.
So both PCC players will now play in the Plate tournament and it looks like the majority of the non-main event competitors will also take part, so the Plate will be a big event in its own right.
This evening most of the players are staying on at Southwick for a barbeque where interest will be high in the main event draw that will be the main entertainment.
It is good to see PCC member Peter Haydon here this evening and enjoying the camaraderie of the visiting international players.
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29 July - Mike Fensome wins the 80+ 'Yellow Ball' tournament

Our annual Over 80s tournament attracted a healthy eight competitors and was won by Mike Fensome who defeated Ralph Chambers in the final and was presented with the Yellow Ball trophy for the first time.
Congratualtions Mike.
23 July - Mike Fensome makes the quarter-finals at the National Veterans

Our National GC Veterans Champion Roger Goldring was unable to defend his title this season as he was busy trying to qualify for the GC World Championships, however Mike and Helena Fensome did fly the Phyllis Court flag at Hurlingham for this over 60's Championship.
Mike faired best, doing enough in the block sage to qualify for the main knock-out, where he reached the quarter-finals before losing to Noel Gill of Hunstanton.
17 & 18 July - McLoughlin wins the PCC/HW AC Advanced tournament

Ealing's Carole McLoughlin was the clear winner of the inaugural Phyllis Court & High Wycombe AC 8+ Advanced tournament at the conclusion of the two-day contest this afternoon.
The five round Swiss style event attracted visitors from as far afield as Nottingham, Edgbaston (Birmingham) and Cheltenham, along with players from more local clubs.
Raghu Iyer and Frances Colman were the Phyllis Court players in action and were grouped together with four other players all on 3 wins from five matches, but McLoughlin's cool five hoop break in her last match (v Steve Fisher) after time had been called won her that game, for a total of 4 wins, and the tournament.

30 June - Sad News - Vivian Thomson

I am sorry to have to inform you that Mr Vivian Thomson died on Thursday this week.
Vivian was a former Chairman of the Croquet Club, 2001-03, one of our top players for many years and, although not in membership of the Club at the time of his passing, he had remained in our thoughts these past few years.
It was during Vivian's chairmanship and under his direction, that our current pavilion was erected, replacing as it did, a previous structure that was badly damaged in a flood.
He had the foresight to have the new building sited on raised foundations and how wise that was, as we were to find out when the extensive flooding of 2014 occoured.
Vivian enjoyed considerable success with his mallet in a golden period between 2007-11 as an individual and doubles GC player at the club, as well as being a mainstay of the sole Phyllis Court league team of that period.
He won the Club Championship in 2008 having been runner-up the year before, and won the 'Restricted' (now 3+) Singles in both 2007 and 2008.
He formed a dominant doubles partnership with Raymond Wood during this time and they won both our day tournaments, the Cave & Wolfe Salvers and the Iain Lindsay Cups, in both 2009 and 2010.

But it was what Vivian did for others that he will be most fondly remembered, for he was that most rare of creatures - a really very good coach.
As well as teaching many of the beginners of the day, several of our current lower handicapped players, including Frances Colman, Helena Fensome and me, would probably not even be still playing now, had Vivian not pulled us aside and introduced us to the competitive side of croquet that wasn't at all the fashion at Phyllis Court ten or more years ago.
As we improved, Vivian was still the 'go to' man who could spot what was wrong with our stances and swings, and his suggested alterations nearly always brought about improvements.
Given that our Croquet Club has changed so much in the last decade, we should be grateful to Vivian for the seeds that he sowed, that encouraged others to see us through to where we are today.

Phyllis Court lost a pivotal man in our recent history this week.
R.I.P. Vivian.

Vivian is survived by his wife Sylva, who is a long-standing member of Croquet Club, and to whom we offer our sympathy at this sad time.

Chris Roberts, Chairman