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3 September - Allim & Goldring win delayed Open Doubles tournament final

Raouf Allim and Roger Goldring, the top seeds, beat contenders Dianne Browne and Colin Morgan in the final of the Ian Lindsay doubles tournament (the final deferred from 24 August).
Allim and Goldring's excellent play and tactics saw them through, but brilliant clearances from Browne and some good blocking by Morgan meant the favourites didn't have it all their own way, and the outcome, 7-5, was a reflection of the good battle.
4 September - NATIONAL FIANL coming to PHYLLIS COURT !!!!

Hot News - Nottingham CC have requested that the National Final be played at Phyllis Court 'because we are likely to attract a big crowd and make it a real occasion!"

  Come and watch our BIGGEST MATCH EVER!     

    Phyllis Court v Nottingham ~ Saturday 22 September                     

                       GC Inter-Club Championship NATIONAL FINAL

                                                                                                              (see news)
To be played at
9 September - Christmans heads PCC qaurtet at Grass Roots National Final

Mike Christmas was the Phyllis Court's top performer today in the National Final of the Croquet Association's Grass Roots competition for player with handicaps of eight or more.
His was the top performance of the quartet of PCC plaayers in action at Bath CC, and he won through to the final only to suffer a disastrous start that saw him slump to four hoop deficit.
However, he fought back superbly to trail just 5 - 6 only to see his ambition was foiled by a ricochet clearance by Jean Cording of Somerest, that bounced into the jaws of the twelfth hoop handing her a most fortunate victory.
Madeleine Probert also did well to qualify for the quarter finals and, in a strong showing for Phyllis Court, Christine Searle the 2016 winner and Edmund Shirly performed well in the consolation half of the event.

9 September - Allim and Roberts play in AC Selector's weekend

At the senior end of the action this weekend, Raouf Allim and Chris Roberts were chosen to play in the AC Selector's weekend at Colchester which is the fifth tier of the annual 'Eights' tournaments that are hosted around the country.
Allim missed the cut for a semi-final berth when defeated by Mexican Cesar Miranda-Reys in his last group match and Roberts was disappointed not to win again after starting brightly with two victories.

15-16 September - Roberts 13th at National Singles Championship

Chris Roberts scalped England International Will Gee 2-1 in his opening match of this weekend's English National Singles Championship at Southwick (near Brighton).
Gee is the spectacular hard hitting young player that many members will remember wooing the crowd when we played Ashby in the Cup two years ago at Phyllis Court.
Roberts then lost 1-2 to visiting Spaniard Manuel Alvarez-Sala and 0-2 to eventual tournament winner Richard Bilton, so missed the cut to the main event as predicted by his seeding.
The Plate event was fertile ground and more wins than losses saw Roberts home in 13th with a much improved national ranking.
Bilton became the English National Champion for the first time, and the next time he will pick a mallet 'The Biltonator' will be playing for Nottingham at Phyllis Court next Saturday.
So not only will there be three International players and the National Veterans Champion on show, but now the English National Champion will be playing as well.

15-16 September -
Tony beats Richard in Peperell brothers battle

The pre-handicap competition match bonhomie between the Peperell brothers
didn't last long when Tony beat Richard 7-5, 7-6.
17 September - PCC 'Friendly' lose narrowly to Thames Valley

Making the most of a lovely warm day, a PCC 'Friendly' team had very pleasant afternoon entertaining visitors Thames Valley.
Madeleine Probert (with clipbaord, Left) lead our side again and reports a narrow 7 - 9 loss but with all our pairs registering at least one game win.
Again, there was difficulty in raising a team of eight without asking League players to make-up the side.
In this case Don Rutherford answered the call and thank to him for that.
Thank you also to Pat Eades who was loaned to Thames valley for the afternoon when one of their side couldn’t play because of illness.
Richard Owen came into our side, making his representative debut.
PCC Friendly: Don Rutherford (6), MIke Christmas (8), Madeleine Probert (9), Jeff Smith (10), Edmund Shirley (10), Diana Zatouroff (11), Richard Owen (11), Rosemary Noel-Clarke (11)
(Pat Eades was loaned to Thames Valley)
17 September - Mike Fensome drops handicap to 'scratch'

Mike Fensome beat Chris Roberts today in our Open Singles season-long competition, cementing his recent handicap drop to 0.
- Congratulations Mike!

12 September - Robin Coates and Tony Peperell win the 3+ Doubles competition

Robin Coates and his protégé and partner for the event, Tony Peperell, triumphed in the 3+ Doubles seaason-long competition.
They beat Raymond Wood and Colin Morgan in the final having won against last year's winners Raghu Iyer & Dilys Earnshaw in the quarter-finals, and Delia Norris & Dianne Browne in the semi-finals.
Clearly Tony has been well tutored by Robin and adds this trophy to his notable successes with (and against) brother Richard in other club events.
- For full results in this and other competitions, press the buttons of the left.

18 September - Coates wins AC Summer tournament 'Caversham Plate'

Robin Coates duly completed his fourth of win in the delayed deciding game of the AC Summer Tournament today.
His victim this time was Chris Roberts who also went into the game undefeated, but he had no answer to Coates’ good use of his bisques and strong accurate hoop running.
Coates is pictured here with his prize, perhaps our prettiest trophy, the Caversham Plate.

22 September -   Phyllis Court 2, Nottingham 5 - Inter-Club Championship Final 

We lost our 'biggest match ever' today when Nottingham were just too good for us on the day and won by 5 matches to 2.
Rain spoiled our big day, which was such a shame:
We had everything possible covered beforehand - we had catch fencing erected, two Phyllis Court marquees, all the hoops in new holes, brand new corner flags, refurbished centre pegs, programmes printed, scoreboard erected and the club even flew the Croquet Association's flag - but the one thing we had no control over was the weather!
All our players gave good accounts of themselves but our best was not as good as theirs and all the matches bar one went the way of the National Rankings.
Charlie von Schmieder and Raouf Allim lost the doubles rubber in two close straight games and Roger Goldring also put up a good fight in defeat to international James Death.
The closest contest was in the remaining morning singles where Chris Roberts took on 16 year-old rapid improver Euan Burridge.
Roberts won the first game at the 13th hoop, Burridge came back well in the second and, as lunch spoiled, Roberts bagged the decider.
Half-time score Phyllis Court 1 - 2 Nottingham.
With four match wins needed for from the title, it was all to play for in the afternoon singles.
In the 'number 2s' match Allim was first to finish when he lost to the new English Singles Champion Richard Bilton 'The Biltonator' who's accuracy over great distances was a joy to watch.
Playing at 'number 4', Phyllis Court's ultra-steady Roger Goldring was too cool for young Burridge who's more flamboyant style and he won in straight games in the one match that went against the National Rankings, and this was an excellent win for Goldring.
With the overall score then standing at Phyllis Court 2 - 3 Nottingham, the match was nearing 'crunch-time' with von Schmieder and Roberts each one game down to Welsh international Ian Burridge and GB star Death respectively.
Fittingly it was Nottingham captain Burridge who, after a tussle at hoop 13, won his rubber to secure the match for the visitors.
Roberts and Death halted their second game temporarily for the presentations, and soon after Death added another win for Nottingham.
Final Score: Phyllis Court 2 - 5 Nottingham.
The presentation of the Inter-Club Championship Shield to Nottingham CC was made by the President of the Croquet Association Quiller Barrett, to an audience of 25 or so die-hard supporters many of who had been present all day under umbrellas sheltering from the drizzle.
Congratulations to Nottingham, well done us for giving them a good test, and extremely well done to our brave supporters (thank you all).
PCC 'A': Charlie von Schmieder (-2), Raouf Allim (-2), Chris Roberts (-1), Roger Goldring (-1).

Charlie von Schmieder (-2) & Raouf Allim (-2) lost to Ian Burridge (-4) & Richard Bilton (-4)   3-7, 5-7
Chris Roberts (-1) beat Euan Burridge (-1)             7-6, 5-7, 7-4
Roger Goldring (-1) lost to James Death (-4)          5-7, 5-7
Charlie von Schmieder (-2) lost to Ian Burridge (-4) 3-7, 6-7
Raouf Allim (-2) lost to Richard Bilton (-4)              5-7, 2-7
Chris Roberts (-1) lost to James Death (-4)            5-7, 4-7
Roger Goldring (-1) beat Euan Burridge (-1)            7-3, 7-3

~ photographs by Frances Colman (team) and Michael Zatouroff (3x action) ~
21 September - Ricahrd Peperell & Mike Fensome in prestige events this weekend

Two of our members will be absent from the enjoyment of our big day tomorrow because they are playing in prestigious tournaments elsewhere.
Richard Peperell has been selected to play for the Croquet Association (England) v the Croquet Association of Ireland at Carrickmines CC, Dublin.

And Mike Fensome has qualified for the All England Handicap Final at Hunstanton, Norfolk.
Both tournaments are being covered on, so you will be able to follow their progress on that results service throughout the weekend.
22 September - Richard Peperell & Mike Fensome in prestige events this weekend - results so far

Richard Peperell had a good first day playing for the Croquet Association (England) v the Croquet Association of Ireland at Carrickmines CC, Dublin.
He won a doubles match and then and afternoon singles contributing to and overnight score of Ireland 6, England 9.

And Mike Fensome won 4 games from 7 to sit in a mid-field position at the end of the first day of two at the All England Handicap Final at Hunstanton, Norfolk.
Both tournaments continue tomorrow (Sunday).
23 September - Richard Peperell & Mike Fensome in prestige events this weekend - Final results

An overnight message from Richard Peperell told of the CA (England) team had been plied with much Guinness, and he continued his good form from yesterday, winning another singles game and narrowly losing a doubles.
England CA 15 – Irish CA 9. A convincing win for England at AC Level Advanced this weekend. Along with five other colleagues (photo below), Richard Peperell (left) was part of the England CA Team that contested the annual McWeeney Trophy (a silver cigar box) v the Irish CA, this year played at Carrickmines in Dublin.

Meanwhile, at Hunstanton in Norfolk, Mike Fensome continued to bat-off the 'extra turns' of most of his opponents in the All England Handicap National Final, but could only add two more victories to his overnight tally.
He ended on 6 wins from his 13 games and hopefully enjoyed his weekend, if perhaps not the long drive home (I'm typing this at 20.52 - are you back yet Mike?)
29 September - Introducing 'The Benefactors Book' ~ and remembering Philip Allison

A new tradition will be established at this years AGM - the reading of 'THE BENEFACTORS BOOK'.

This Benefactors Book will record the generosity of individuals who have made significant donations to our Croquet Club.
Entry into the Benefactors Book will be at the discretion of the current committee, will not be retrospective and will start in 2018.
The entries will record simply the benefactor's name, the year of their donation but no further detail.

At all future AGM's, the Secretary will be called upon to read ALL entries in the Benefactors Book.
This way, future generations of Croquet Club members will be reminded of those that have generously supported the Club in past years.

We have unashamedly copied the Croquet Association in this regard because we value the great reverence with which past benefactors are remembered annually.


The first entry into the Benefactors Book is:  2018 Philip Allison

Philip died last year and generously left a gift to his Croquet Club which you will see in the AGM Accounts.
Your committee decided that part of Philip’s gift should be used to provide something that would benefit all members and that we could look at and remember Philip.
We have bought the smart new metal corner flags that now adorn our courts, having debuted at Saturday's big match.
These are a long term investment and will save the annual purchase of expensive cloth flags which fade in the sunlight, get torn and quickly look shabby.
We are indebted to Pete Colman (Frances' husband) for painting the new flags in the croquet colours to such a professional standard.
We have also used some of Philip Allison's gift to refurbish the centre pegs with all eight colours, which will help newer players with the secondary balls sequence.
So whenever you look at the flags or pegs, please remember Philip and that this was only part of his gift to us.

28 September - Calling Notice for our AGM

  Our  Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Thursday 1st November at 11.00 in the Thames Room.

In a change to previous practice, we have separated our AGM from our prize giving dinner and specially chosen a time that we hope is convenient for as many members to attend as possible.
We need to be "quorate". That is to say we need enough members present to be able to do our business - So please do come along and support this important meeting.
We look forward to seeing you.