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03 October - End of season will be Sunday 21 October

Our end of season closure has been discussed with Head Gardener Paul and the result is that the courts will close for winter maintenance on the same day of the year as last year.
That is to say, the last play will be on the evening of Sunday 21 October.
Paul has hired ground maintenance machinery booking in to work the following day.A question about  possibly relaxing the ‘wearing of whites’ rule for October was discussed by your committee and the decision is that withes should continue to be worn please.
(Obviously, you should dress for the weather and as you know, we are not stiff about the colour of waterproofs).
Please will you make sure that all competition matches are completed by 21 October.
(I do acknowledge that there is a problem with the playing of the 7+ Doubles Finals and will discuss that with the participants).

06 October - Good Luck to Roger Goldring at the WORLD OVER 50s (in Ciaro) - STARTS TODAY!

Today is a really big one for \Roger Goldring who embarks on his first challenge for the World Over 50s tournament in Cairo, Egypt.
Roger is in a block of six with three Egyptians, an Irishman and an American.
You can follow Roger's results as they happen in real time by going to
Good luck Roger!

06 October - Roger Goldring at the World Over 50's in Ciaro - DAY 1

Roger Goldring lost his opening two matches to Evan Newell (Ireland) 7-6, 6-7, 3-7 and Osama El Hawash (Egypt) 7-4, 4-7, 5-7.
Roger reports:  I played strongly in both first games, winning them, but couldn't keep up the momentum, and both matches slipped from my grasp. I enjoyed the day greatly, with a good, friendly, bustling atmosphere. I had my first ever experience of playing late at night under floodlights!
You can follow Roger's results as they happen in real time by going to

07 October - Roger Goldring at the World Over 50's in Ciaro - DAY 2

Roger Goldring beat HaroldDenton (USA) 7-5, 7-4 and lost to Amr Baher 4-7, 4-7.
Roger reports: I won my first match, albeit against the lowest ranked in our block, so was very pleased about that. At 10.00pm, yes it was night time, I played top seed Amr Baher, Egyptian, a superb player in all departments, and was very satisfied to hold him to 4-7, 4-7. Another great day, very atmospheric - oh, and no double banking, woohoo.
You can follow Roger's results as they happen in real time by going to

08 October - Roger Goldring at the World Over 50's in Ciaro - DAY 3

Roger Goldring lost to Ayman Amin (Egypt) 5-7, 4-7.
Roger reports: After a look around at the magnificent Palace building and grounds that the Marriott hotel occupies, it was down to the Gezira courts (the 3 courts there are separated from the 3 Federation courts, where I played previously, by a short distance; the tournament is using all 6 courts).
There I had to beat Ayman Amin, another formidable Egyptian, to reach the knockout stage, and my game had to be perfect, but despite battling hard, I couldn't quite deliver, so Plate - here I come!
The England contingent of 9 players have all won at least one match (top seed Stephen Mulliner hasn't lost a single game), 5 of them are into the knockout stage, so all are feeling quite pleased.
You can follow Roger's results as they happen in real time by going to

09 & 10 October - Roger Goldring at the World Over 50's in Ciaro - DAYS 4 & 5

Roger Goldring has been playing in the Plate event at the tournament.
Despite feeling rather unwell for a couple of days, I've managed to win 3 of my 6 Plate games.
The Plate was two blocks of seven players. I'm not sure how many go through; if two from each I'll not have made it to th enext stage. If four, I think so.
Stephen Mulliner is the one English player to have got into the Championship quarter-finals.
Playing 19 point games, Roger beat Fergus Thompson (Scotland) 10 -7, GeraldineTrivett (Australia) 10-6, and Manuel Marcos Fal (Spain) 10-5.
But he lost to Samir Khali (Egypt) 7-10, David Widdison (England) 5-10, and Stephen Lenoard (England) 6-10.
You can follow Roger's results as they happen in real time by going to

11 October - Roger Goldring at the World Over 50's in Ciaro - DAYS 6

Roger Goldring won through from his Plate block to enter the Plate knock-out today.
I am still to hear from Roger today, but have just seen on CroquetScores that he won 10-3 v Jannis Steines (Latvia) his Plate quarter-final and is now awaiting Samir Khalil (Egypt) in the semi-finals.
- Go-go Roger!
Fellow Englishman David Widdison faces anouther Egyptian Hossam El-Bibani in the other Plate semi.
Meanwhile, the main Championship event has asl reached its semi-final stage and sees Stephen Mulliner (England) qualified with three Egyptina players.
You can follow Roger's results as they happen in real time by going to

12 October - Roger Goldring at the World Over 50's in Ciaro - DAYS 6 & 7

Roger's final report: I was pleased to get into the Plate quarter-final after all, and there I had a comfortable win to get into the semi. Today however I got a good drubbing from the smooth, steady Egyptian, Samir Khalil, and had to be content with 3rd place.  Overall my performance has gone roughly with my ranking position, so no grumbles. All of us have enjoyed a great week. Stephen Mulliner, our English hope, had a fabulous win yesterday to get to the Championship semi final (including a match-saving boundary jump shot at the 13th hoop), but fell tonight to the fantastic lady Egyptian, Hanan Rashad (6-7 6-7 6-7!). We had a lovely gala buffet evening, with lanterns and strip lighting. The hosts have been great. Tomorrow's final is - surprise, surprise - all-Egyptian..
You can see all the tournament results at

18 October -

  Our  Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Thursday 1st November at 11.00 in the Thames Room.

In a change to previous practice, we have separated our AGM from our prize giving dinner and specially chosen a time that we hope is convenient for as many members to attend as possible.
We need to be "quorate". That is to say we need enough members present to be able to do our business - So please do come along and support this important meeting.
We look forward to seeing you.

  Our Special 50th Anniversary Prize-giving Dinner will be held on Friday 9th November at 1830 for 1900 in the Ballroom.

We have gone right to the top and invitedthe Quiller Barrett, the President of the CA, to be our guest speaker.

In tone with the occasion, the dress code is ‘Black Tie’  (not smart casual, as it says in the main club printed calendar just published)
1830 arrival for seating at 1900, followed by presentations mixed in with Mr Barrett’s address and dinner - itwill be a wonderful occasion!
19 October - GC Club Championship Final - Charlie v Raouf - Saturday (21st) at 2pm

This will be a good one to watch:
Charlie von Schmieder v Raouf Allim
Our two top players of the year locking hornes  - spectators are very welcome.
21 October -   GC Club Championship - Raouf Allim wins and is our DOUBLE CHAMPION 

Raouf Allim beat Charlie von Schmieder to win our GC Club Championship for the first time yesterday
In a tough match, as was to be expected, Allim won 7-6, 7 -3 and becomes our Club Champion at both GC and AC.

The Phyllis Court 'Double' has been achieved four times before, in 2007, 2009, 2012 and 2015,and on all occasions by von Schmieder.
So Allim wins not only our congratulations but a special place in our record of achievements!
Well done Raouf!
20 October - Robin Coates wins the 3+ Competition Final

Congratulations to Robin Coates on his victory in today's final.
He reports: Raymond Wood and I had a lovely afternoon and the court was still in good condition.
I got off to a good start winning hoop 1 and after a long tussle at hoop 3 for 15 minutes or more minutes, eventually I won that too.
By hoop 7, I was 5-2 ahead but Raymond came back to 6-4 before I eventually won 7-5.
Then disaster for me - Raymond ran away with the second game 7-1.
In the decider, I got another good start and held the advantage to win 7-4.
Congratulations Robin!
21 October -    AC Club Championship - Raouf Allim wins 

Raouf Allim is our Club AC champion after completing the top block of games two days ago.
Playing at High Wycombe, be beat is last opponent Richard Peperell by +24tp, to finish the competition unbeaten.
This brings to an end the run on six consecutive Club Championships for Charlie von Schmieder.
Congratulations Raouf!
28 October - Peperell wins our AC handicap knock-out Final

Richard Peperell swept to a comfotable victory in today's delayed final of the AC Handicap Knock-out competition final against Chris Roberts.
Peperell managed his five bisques well and played with good confidence througout at High Wycombe (because our corts are now closed.
Well done Richard.
30 October - Rutherord is runner-up at High Wycombe 'Halloween' tournament

Dianne Browne reports that several Phyllis Court members enjoyed a well run GC Handicap day tournament at High Wycombe today.
Richard Peperell Managed everyone smoothly and Don Rutherford finished second behind local member Sharon Clark.
Our Dianne Browne and Diana Zatouroff also played (did anyone else from PC play as well?).
2 November - Diana Zatouroff joins our committee

A fuller news item on our AGM will appear here shortly but this one welcomes Diana Zatouroff to the Croquet Club Committee for 2018-2019.
I would like to thank Diana for coming forward and I look forward to working with her as we take our Croquet cub forward into the new year.
It is good to have you with us Diana!  :O)

                         - Thank you Don Rutherford

Don stood down from our committee at yesterday's AGM after serving for four years in charge of our courts and equipment.
We thank Don for his time, effort and dedication to the Club and he leaves us with courts (not withstanding the twin ravages of an exceptionally dry summer and the attention of destructive crows) that are now being presented in the best condition we have ever experienced.
Thank you Don.
9 November - Our Annual Dinner celebrated our 50th Anniversary of CA membership,
                          and Raouf Allim is our Club Double Champion

The 68 members and guests who attended of Annual Prize-giving Dinner last evening, at which we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Phyllis Court CC becoming a member club of the Croquet Association, will all all agree with me that a wonderful evening was had by all.
For those that weren't able to be with us, you unfortunately missed the Club ballroom festooned with balloons, a lovely convivial atmosphere, and one of the best meals that we have ever had a ‘social do’ – many thanks to Pauline Wood for all the preparation work.
Our guest of honour, Mr Quiller Barrett, The President of the Croquet Association, ‘took wine with’ different groups of members who where announced with reverence and a degree of humour (which was great fun) and he than delivered a warm and engaging speech; all before handed out the (mostly) shiny cups and trophies to all the winners and some of the runners-up.
It really was a memorable evening and it was a pleasure to have shared it with so many of you.

Roauf Allim (pictured left) colected a hoard of trophies at our annual awards dinner thhis evening, which culmianted in him being aclaimed as our Double (AC & GC) Club Champion.
A number of prize recipients were abssent including the another mulitipe event Tony Peperell who had won a number of the trophies for the events for higher handicapped players.
2018 GC Season-long competition winners
Open Singles         -    Raouf Allim (Club Champion)
Open Doubles        -    Chris Roberts & Frances Colman
Handicap Singles   -    Don Rutherford
3+ Singles             -    Robin Coates
3+ Doubles            -    Robin Coates & Tony Peperell
7+ Singles             -    Tony Peperell
7+ Doubles            -    Not yet decided

2018 AC Season-long competition winners
Advanced Open Singles          -    Raouf Allim (Club Champion)
Handicap Singles 'Block'         -    Raghu Iyer
Handicap Singles 'K-O'            -    Richard Peperell
Spring Tournament                  -    Raghu Iyer
Autumn Handicap T'ment (snr)  -   Robin Coates
Autumn Handicap T'ment (jnr)   -   Mike Christmas

19 November - Remaining committee appointments made

Diana Zatouroff was welcomed to her first committee meeting today at which the club's three 'officers' were reconfirmed and other committee posts were formally decided.

Chris Roberts        - Chairman, GC, Courts & Equipment, website and publicity
Roger Goldring      - Secretary
Colin Morgan        - Treasurer
Madeleine Probert - Membership
Raghu Iyer            - AC
Paddy Bunch        - non-competetive players rep.
Pauline Wood       - Social
Diana Zatouroff      - Social

16 December - Goldring wins at Hamptworth & T.Peperell playing aboard, head Phyllis Court players' winter action

Roger Goldring won the latest Winter Handicap tournament at Hamptworth last weekend and picked up 40 handicap index points into the bargain.
He won, four games and drew two on his way to victory in December's edition of the long running series of monthly events at the Hamptworth (near Salisbury).
If anyone would like details of the Hamptworth tournaments in the new year, please contact me (Chris)

Tony Peperell has returned from Florida where I understand he was up early everyday and on the croquet court before breakfast - good on you for that dedication Tony!

Several of our other members are also keeping their eyes in at High Wycombe, Roehampton and Ealing.
The Phyllis Court courts will be opening again in early January (but with due regard to ground conditions).
16 December - Coaching courses highlighted to members

The coaching courses offered by the three regional Croquet Academies that are detailed in the latest Croquet Gazette were highlighted to all members by e-mail today.
If anyone would like help in deciding which course would be best suited to you, please give me (Chris) a call on 079 7378 7710 or mail me on