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5 November - Nearly all our season-long competitions are decided

Most of our season-long competitions had been concluded in September but the GC Open and 3+ Doubles finals had to be played in October at High Wycombe (becasie we weren't allowed to play at our own club!).
The AC Doubles competition is still to be decided.
The results have been added to the list below:

      Golf Croquet

Open Singles       -    Chris Roberts                                            beat    Ian Norris
Open Doubles      -    Charlie von Schmieder & Colin Morgan   beat    Chris Roberts & Frances Colman
Handicap Singles -   Philip Allison                                            beat    Richard Peperell
3+ Singles           -    Raymond Wood                                        beat    Hugh Crook
5+ Doubles          -    Frances Colman & Raymond Wood          beat    Hugh Crook & pauline Wood
7+ Singes            -    Robin Morrell                                            beat    Ralph Chambers
7+ Doubles          -    Dianne Brown & Ralph Chambers             beat    Pauline Wood & John Maguire

     Association Croquet

Advanced              -   Charlie von Schmeider
H'cap knock-out     -   Harry Midgley
H'cap block           -    Richard Peperell
H'Cap 18+              -    Richard Peperell
H'cap doubles        -   'final still to be played'

Our 'Roll of Honour' has also been updated. View it via this button:
11 November - Roberts returns to Chairman, as Morgan and Goldring step-up to committee duty

It was good to see those members that attended our AGM and afterwards at our Prizegiving Dinner.
For those that did not attend, you will want to know that I was elected as your Chairman, and that I am honoured to serve in the post again
(writes Chris Roberts, to save you having to scroll to the bottom of this to find out!).
I will continue to act in the best interests of all croquet players at our club, and will write to you all again shortly with a bit more colour on that, once our new committee has held its first meeting.
But importantly, AGM non-attendees need to know the following:
As Chairman, I succeed Harry Midgley, who had completed his three year term of office, for which we thank him very much.
His AGM report (which will form part of the minutes which will be circulated in due course) revealed, for the first time for some members, that Harry has had an challenging time in the post, especially in his final year, and so his forthcoming rest has been hard earned and is well deserved.
Hugh Crook also departed from committee on Friday, having served as Treasurer for the maximum five years committee stint that our constitution allows.
Again our thanks go to him, with the hope that the newly freed-up time will hasten still further, the recent progress that he has made on the playing field that has earned him handicap reductions and even some silverware.
Also stepping down from the committee after less lengthy times in office were Paddy Bunch and Pat Eades, as Social Events Officer and Secretary respectively – Ladies thank both very much too.
New members of the committee number just two, so there will be an ‘interesting’ time ahead for our now slimmed-down committee as elected at the AGM.
I am delighted to welcome aboard Colin Morgan for the first time and he will be our new Treasurer.
And similarly, it is great to welcome back Roger Goldring to committee life, and he will be our new Secretary.
I am very grateful, to these two gents for giving of their time and expertise for the benefit of all members, and that goes for my fellow continuing committee members too : Pauline Wood, Raghu Iyer and Don Rutherford.
Our constitution only requires the immediate post-AGM appointment of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and with the call of the bar ringing loud after a long AGM, other appointments were , as usual, deferred until our first committee meeting (which is likely to be next week).
More soon . . .
Regards all,
Chris Roberts
Chairman, Phyllis Court Croquet Club
27 December - What's been happening at YOUR Croquet Club since the AGM?

Chairman Chris Roberts writes: "Hello again everyone, I do hope that you have enjoyed a couple of nice Christmassy days.
I promised that I would give some more details of the headlines (and more) that I sent our on Christmas Eve and so let me guide you through things chronologically.
So, what’s been happening behind the scenes at your Croquet Club since our AGM?
You may recall that I wrote a ‘Hello from you New Chairman’ immediately after the AGM, saying that I would communicate again once we had had our first committee meeting.
That meeting came and went, but the big news was always going to be dependent on a subsequent meeting with the Chairman of Council, Mrs Patricia Christmas, that had been lined-up soon afterwards.
So it seemed sensible to wait and see what transpired from that before writing to you again.
I had hoped to see the minutes of that meeting before writing and am still waiting to receive those from Graham Owen.
So just brief report on that follows (scroll down).

Our first Committee Meeting
Firstly though, at our committee meeting, the additional responsibilities were decided in addition to the offices of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer which were decided, as required by our constitution, immediately after the AGM.
Your committee, with portfolios is as follows;
Chris Roberts     - Chairman, GC, Publicity, Website
Roger Goldring  - Secretary
Colin Morgan     - Treasurer
Raghu Iyer         - AC
Pauline Wood    - Membership Secretary and Social Events
Don Rutherford   - Courts & Equipment

Treasurer Colin has re-drawn some of the structure for the accounting of income and expenditure, with a set of simple forms that will record agreed authorisations systematically.
We have already started to use these and they appear to be a good fit for purpose.

Membership Secretary Pauline, has sent out annual subscription forms and you co-operation is sought to please return these as soon as possible.
The 2016 sub of £15 is due on 1 January, and a thank you to those who are already ahead of the game on this.

Of immediate importance is the news that, whilst wanting to overhaul our programme of Social events, it was been decided that there was no time available to alter the first of our traditional events.
Consequently, The Pre-Season Meeting and Winter Lunch will be going ahead as usual on 24 January.
Pauline will write to you all about the lunch and booking for that will open shortly – and I will do my best to persuade you to attend the meeting as well with hints about what goodies you might hear if you turn up.

The minutes to this meeting are available in paper form in the Croquet folder, in the Interest Groups information bookcase beside the trophy cabinet.

Meeting with the Chairman of Council
The meeting with The Chairman of Council (Patricia Christmas), Deputy Chairman (Barry Jackson) and Club Secretary (Graham Owen) was very welcome indeed and the Croquet Club  were represented by Don, Raghu and myself.
Relations and communications between the Council and the Croquet Club have not been as good as they might have been for the last couple of years and this meeting was an ideal opportunity to redress that.
The meeting was held in excellent spirit with Mrs Christmas at pains to scotch any notion that the Council in some way didn’t view croquet favourably and, I am pleased to say that both she and Mr Jackson were very complimentary about our ability to bring members and some outsiders (with the associated revenue) to the Club, through our inter-club matches and tournaments.
Our frustrations over the state of our courts and in particular the inaction on nearly all the promises made last January were aired at some length, and assurances were given that all these disappointments would be addressed in the coming months.
The document displayed at our AGM by previous Chairman Harry, with all the ‘no action’ comments in red, was shown to Mrs Christmas and handed to Mr Owen to deal with.
We have a second meeting planned for 19 January and I will be seeking to put definite ‘completion dates’ on all these actions this time.

Winter Play
Although I’m still waiting for the minutes of the above meeting, I have now had an assurance that the Grounds Staff will be preparing at least two courts for winter play.
The projected date for first play is 4 January (* However, this is heavily dependent on the weather and ground conditions in particular).
The plan is that the staff will mark out the boundary white lines on 3 January, and I will site the hoops the same day (and they can’t be positioned without the lines being present).
If there is a delay with the lines, there will be no hoops, and they will be no croquet.
THE WEBSITE WILL BE UPDATED WITH COURT AVAILABILITY DAILY – so, please check the site before you travel to the club hoping to play.