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  SOUTHERN FEDERATION - ARMADA TOURNAMENT                           
  Winners -     Armada Trophy              PHYLLIS COURT
                                                             Frances Colman & Chris Roberts

  ONE BALL TOURNAMENT                                (r/u Chris Roberts)
  Winner -     One Ball Trophy               Frances Colman

  SPRING DOUBLES TOURNAMENT                   (r/u Brian Bucknall & Derek Toms)
  Winners      Barneses Cup                 Elizabeth O'Dair & Frances Colman

  AUTUMN SINGLES TOURNAMENT (High handicap) (r/u Bruce Mason)
  Winner      Zia Sterling Cup              Michael Wiles

  AUTUMN SINGLES TOURNAMENT                    (r/u Peter Honey)
  Winner -     Caversham Plate             Chris Roberts


  LADIES COMPETITION                                       (r/u June Robinson)
  Winner -     Orr Plate                          Frances Colman

  DOUBLES COMPETITION                                   (r/u Harry Midgley & Michael Wiles)
  Winners -   Greenbury Trophy            Elizabeth O'Dair & Helen Walker

  SINGLES Block COMPETITION                            (r/u Helen Walker)
  Winner -     Poulton Cup                     Chris Roberts

  SINGLES Knock-Out COMPETITION                     (r/u Elizabeth O'Dair)
  Winner -     Adlam Tankard                 Keith Noble

  (High Handicap)                                                   (r/u Sonia Cox)
  Winner      Section Tankard              Frances Colman

  Runner-up The Bucknall Tankard          June Robinson
  Winner -     The Boucher Trophy         Peter Honey



  Winners    Solstice Cup                          PHYLLIS COURT
                                                                  Charlie von Schmeider & TJ Johansen

  SPRING DOUBLES TOURNAMENT                       Postponed THREE times!
  Runners-up - Hilda Dobson Cups                      The 2011 Tournament will be played
  Winners -     Cave Wolfe Salvers                      in the first few weeks of next season

  Runners-up - John Chalfont Cups                  Pat Eades & TJ Johansen
  Winners -     Iain Lindsay Cup                   Sylvia Thomson & Mike Fensome


  7+ DOUBLES       
  Runners-up   Cox Wood Cups                    Anne Attfield & Cynthia Hutton
  Winners      Dorrien Belson Cups            Pat Eades & Rosie Richardson

  Runner-up    Colman Quaich                       Michael Wiles
  Winner       Suzanne Roberts Quaich      Ian Norris

  5+ DOUBLES       
  Runners-up - Chris Read & Anne Attfield Cups  John Chalfont & Hugh Crook
  Winners     Eades Cups                            Vivian Thomson & Raymond Wood

  Runner-up -   Vivian Thomson Cup                Mike Fensome
  Winner      Tighe Cup                              Raymond Wood

  Runners-up -  Dilys & Alex Earnshaw Cups   Raymond Wood & TJ Johansen
  Winners     Spensley & Cox Salvers        Frances Colman & Chris Roberts

  Runner-up -   Sylvia Thomson Cup                Chris Roberts
  Winner       Crane Cup                            Charlie Von Schmieder
3rd January  2012 - Winter Croquet at Hamptworth
The Croquet jungle drums have been beeting and we learn that PCC mallets have been in action in these winter months.
Heather Masheter and Michael Wiles have taken advantage of the Winter Tournaments at Hamptworth CC on the edge of the New Forest.
They apparently attended both December events and, along with Rosemary Noel-Clarke, are booked in to play in February and March as well.
And they are not the only ones: Hugh Crook & Chris Roberts have joined Helena & Mike Fensome on the entry list for the January Tournament on 14th & 15th.
If anyone eles would like details of these enjoyable Tournaments, please get in touch with Chris Roberts 07973 787710.

Mid January  2012 - Mike Fensome gets his handicap back down at Hamptworth

Mike Fensome (pictured right) reduced his handicap back to 6 as he lead the way amongst the Phyllis Court quartet at the Winter Handicap
Tournaments at Hamptworth CC last weekend.
Enjoyong the luxury of the extra shot that his recently aquired 7 handicap allowed, Mike lost just one of his six games to finish 2nd in
the Saturday event and followed that with a 4th place on Sunday.
Not to be out done, Helena Fensome (HC 2) repeated the family trick turning her 7th placing on Saturday with a runner-up spot on the Sunday.
Helena beat Mike in their only 'head to head' encounter of the weekend and so has the crowing rights at home!
The pair were joined by Chris Roberts (HC 1) and Hugh Crook (HC 8), the latter playing in his first Tournament away from PCC.
Hugh finished a very creditable 8th and Chris struggled in to a lowly 14th.

Heather Masheter (HC 7) and Michael Wiles (HC 7) will be making their second appearences at Hamptworth in the February and March Tournaments
and will be joined by another debutant Rosemary Noel-Clarke (HC 9) - Read about how they get on on these pages in due course.

31st Juanuary 2012 - FIVE NEW TOURNAMENTS ANNOUNCED including 'A Feather in our Cap!'

Our pre-season meeting was held today and over 75 members gathered to hear exciting plans for the forthcoming season.
A full written report will be dispatched to all members next week but here are the highlights:

Plea from Chairman Chris Roberts for improved discpline and etiqutte on our Courts this season
     Ocasionally some let their standards slip last season, we need to reverse this trend please

NEW - Croquet Association sponsored Golf Croquet 'B' Level SinglesTournamnent for the 'Smokey Eades Cup' - a TWO DAY EVENT.
                          We are so pleased to be hosting this - it really does put Phyllis Court on the croquet map!
NEW - Open Singles Tournament (anyone can enter).
NEW -   5+   Singles Tournament (anyone with a handicap of 5 or more can enter).
NEW -  80+  Singles Tournament (anyone over 80 years old can enter - born on or before 9th June 1932).
                                                          A gentile day with inclusive afternoon tea.
NEW -  'Olympics'    Tournament (initially for anyone born out side England & we will have a draw to see who will represent England).
                           On the opening day of the London Olympics, come a celebrate with our own contribution to the 'five ringed circus'.

NEW - A Golf Croquet Clinic will operate at Tuesday 'All comers' sessions' for those looking to improve thier skills
                                                   Staffed by one of our experienced coaches
Ann Norman (pictured right) is now the 'All Comers' represenative on the committee.

All our traditional Tournaments will be played again this season - the 'Cave Wolfe', 'Iain Lindsay' & the three 'Drawn Partners'.
                               Rule change - You can now play with the same partner in both the 'Cave Wolfe' & 'Iain Lindsay' Tournaments.

All our Association Tournaments and Competitions remain from last season.

We have aproximatly 25 new members hoping to join Phyllis Court Croquet.

Members encouraged to join the Croquet Association (CA) - Special deal currently available - join for just 12 - see Chris Roberts

75 members attended our Winter Lunch that followed the meeting. Our President Smokey Eades (pictured, right) was Guest of Honour
and entertained us all with tails of how croquet all started at Phyllis Court - quite fascinating.

7th February 2012 - Rosemary N-C to dip her toe in 'Outside' Tournament play
Following in the footsteps of other brave soles, Rosemary Noel-Clarke (handicap 9, pictured left) will be venturing to the Hamptworth Club
this weekend to keep up Phyllis Court's representation in their 'Winter Handicap Series'.
Michael Wiles (7) and Heather Masheter (7) will be returning there too after enjoying their earlier weekend away in December.
Hugh Crook (8) and Mike Fensome (now a 6 again) also took 'the plunge' to debut last month along side seasoned touranment players Helena Fensome (2) and Chris Roberts (1).
If you would like to experience croquet beyond our Club gates be assured that it is great fun and you will be made most welcome almost
anywhere you go - ring Chris Roberts for detials of how to join in  - 079 7378 7710
Update - Unfortunatly for Rosemary, Heather & Michael, the weekend's Tournamnet at Hamptwoth was 'Snowed off'  :O(
15th February 2012 - Competition entries starting to arrive
Micheal Wiles and Heather Masheter were quick out of the blocks and were first to get their Season Long Competionton entries submitted.
Both have entered all 6 competitions and Rosemary Noel-Clarke is not far behind in entering 4.
We have also recieved three entries already for our Croquet Accociation 'B' Level Tournament on 17 & 18th August - PCC's own Mike Fensome plus our friends from Hamptworth, Richard Jenkins and Janet Trueman. - A great start!
Anyone for Croquet?

Thanks to Derek Whittigham
for this photo.
Why not send us yours?
15th March 2012 - Over 60 members attend 'Spring Drinks'
There was another good turnout for this latest off-season function which saw a flurry of activity with competition entry forms.
All competitions are being well supported and it is especailly pleasing to see 'first time entries' being submitted - Well done you!

Our CA Listed 'B' Level Tournament (Hc 4-8) is up to 12 entries now, 6 visitors and 6 from PCC.
- Date change for our Summer Party!
All members were advised today that the date for our Summer party has been changed from the Friday 10th August to a week later. The new date is Friday 17th August
19th March 2012 - Mike's a 5

Winter Croquet has paid off for MIke Fensome who's recent latest trip to Hamptwoth saw him return with a handicap
reduced down to a 5 - Congtaulations Mike!

There was credit too for Rosemary Noel-Clarke, enteringing her first Tournamnet away from Phyllis Court - apparently she took a hoop off of Rutger Beijderwellen. Okay, so it's handicap play, but he is the UK no 6 !
Mike Fensome with winning 'Iain Lindsay'
partner Sylvia Thomson
Our Competition Winners 2011 - full stories in NEWS -

  Adavnced Singles (-13)  - Peter Honey
  Adavnced Singles (14+) - Frances Colman
  HC Block Singles            - Chris Roberts
  HC Singles Knock-out    - Keith Noble
  HC Doubles                      - Eliz.O'Dair & Helen Walker
  HC Ladies Singles           - Frances Colman

  Past Winners                    -

Assoc Croquet
League Team
Achievements 2011

  Southern Croquet Federation
  Accociation Handicap League           - 2nd (out of 6)

  For detailed AC match results & league tables:

  Southern Croquet Federation
  Armada Tournament                          - WINNERS
                                                             (Frances Colman
                                                              & Chris Roberts)

Golf Croquet Cup &
League Team Achievements 2011

  CA National Competiton
  Golf Inter-Club Championship   - semi-finalists
  CA National Competiton
  Golf Inter-Club 'Murphy' Shield - semi-finalists

  Southern Croquet Federation
  Golf Level Play League               - 3rd (out of 5)

  Southern Croquet Federation (North Region)
  Golf Handicap League                - 4th & 5th (out of 6)

  For detailed GC match results & league tables:

  Southern Croquet Federation
  Solstice Tournament                   - WINNERS
                                                           (C.von Schmeider
                                                             & T. Johansen)

  Open Singles   - Charlie von Schmieder
  Open Doubles - Frances Colman & Chris Roberts
  5+ Singles        - Raymond Wood
  5+ Doubles      - Raymond Wood & Vivian Thomson
  7+ Singles        - Ian Norris
  7+ Doubles       - Rosie Richardson & Pat Eades

  Past Winners   -

28th March 2012 - Another new roll for Chris
Chris Roberts was appointed as a National Croquet Association GC Handicapper today - more national recognition for Phyllis Court Croquet!
24th March 2012 - Southern Croquet Federation AGM
Frances Colman & Chris Roberts attended our area Federation meeting at Winchester CC.
Both were re-appointed to their committee rolls as i/c Golf Croquet and Development Officer respectivly, and Chris was also appointed to the new roll of GC Handicapper.
Not such a good attendance this year - but all the GC issues had been decided at Frances' Clubs meeting back in December, and quite right too.   :O)

20th March 2012 - Courts Update
The Club have undetaken major works to drainage from the main building and car parks.
It reamins to be seen if this will have a positive effect on our courts, which 'might' have been the recipients of 'run-off' waters last season.
In any effect, the works will have done us no harm.

A second contractor has now been engaged to quote for the courts drainage work which was highlighted in the ground survey that was undertaken in November.
Any works that are deemed necessary, will be scheduled to commence as soon as our season closes in mid September.

And finaly, a reminder of the findings of the afforementioned ground survey:
There is a thick layer of clay not far beneath the surface and it is thought that this is the main contributor to our drainage problems, particularly on lawn 2.
A change to rain fall patterns in recent years from general drizzle to sudden flash downpours seems to be more than our ground can manage to drain naturally.
The Surveying Company have quoted a very large figue indeed to fix the problem and negotioations with the Club management are on going.

30th March 2012 - Croquet at PCC still growing
We are pleased to announce that we have 33 NEW MEMBERS who have joined us this season.
Most are brand new to croquet and will undergo thier initial trailing on 12th, 13th, 16th 17th of this month.
We also welcome Claire Appleyard who joins up from Blewbury CC and Lillian Bown-rees who is returning to the sport after a lenghty lay-off.
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