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Tuesday 22nd November - Another update from Pam

Pam writes: "The block play has finished and some upsets happened.
Rachel Rowe (our top English woman) has not dropped a game yet and she is playing so well.
Day 4 for me was not good and I was disappointed in the way I played, but today the main Knock-out competition and the Plate begins.
Helena and I will be playing in the plate at the Kati Kati and Tauranga Clubs.
Samantha Thompson (Eng lish no.2) said the standard of play has gone up significantly (since the last Tournament) and, as she herself said, she only scrapped in to the  main Knock-out by the seat of her pants!
Everyone one is really nice here, it is a great experience and the weather is glorious here!"


Chris writes: The Champinonship web site was very slow at reporting the results in anything like 'real time' which was dispointing.
So I've abandoned trying to reproduce actual results here.
For the record Helena won two Block matches in the Main Championship  against Cheryl Bromley (USA) and New Zealander Noeline Posselt, whilst Pam got close but drew a blank.
Both then played in the Plate, the format for which is unclear to me but seemingly involed a good number of games.
The details of the Plate results are not posted on the Championship web site at all but Helena reports winning four out of seven matches.
Belatedly, all the Main Championship results have appeard and can be accesssed via this web address:
(note this is not a 'link and you will have to 'copy and paste this into you browser)
Monday 21st November - Womens World Championships - Helena gets a first win!

It took three days, but at last there is a win to report from our Phyllis Court representatives in New Zealand.
It has been tough going for Pam Mead and Helen Fensome up until a spirit lifting result today when Helena won for the first time.

The 56 Competitors have been put into 8 groups of 7, all playing the others in their group 'best of three' games.

Pam Mead has reported in twice:
On Day 1 She played at Tauranga and was 'up against it' with two 0 - 2 losses to players who ahd both played in WWGC Championship before.
Pam was pleased with her performances but said "The main problem was they could jump from anywhere!"
On Day 2 Pam was at the Kati Kati Club (sounds like a 50's jazz club!) and had her first encounter with the feared Egyptians.
But Pam took 6 hoops out of Manal Ali Mohsen in thier first game before going down 0 - 2 again and her star was obviously in the ascendancy as she recored her first game win in her fourth match in losing to an Australian 1 - 2.
On Day 3 Her second report came from Mt Maunganui, and again Pam says that she is still looking for her forst match win.

Helena Fensome is yet to contact us:
But a reference to the Championship website reveals that, after a tough start she found the winning touch to defeat Cheryl Bromley from the USA.
Helena is playing at different grounds to Pam so we have no detail on her games, save the bare results.
(Come on Helena, send us some news please!)

Wednesday 23th November - Helena reports second win as Pam goes close

We have caught up with Helena at last: Helena writes: "I won two matches (in the block round), the American and then an New Zealander ...... Not too bad.
Today we started to play the plate I won four and lost two, so I have a chance.
Tomorrow we play an other six games, so hopefully I will do well.
The weather has been lovely but very windy every day except today.
Our apartment is lovely, we were upgraded to a sea view (Helena is sharing with Engalnd player Samantha Thomson).
We are two minutes from the beach, they are all crazy here - they are doing work outs on the beach at 0630!

Pam writes: I played at Tauranga yesterday and a good game against Jane Morrison but lost 4 - 7, she should have been playing in the main competition and not the plate, but that's another story, a little bit of controversy in our block.
I then had two games that went to 6 - 7 and I should have won them and then I lost to Helena 4 - 7 and Pixie Jones 3 - 7.
Today we play at Kati Kati and the weather is closing in could be rain.
RachelRowe is though to the (main Championship) semis Freda Vitty, Samantha Thompson, and Kath Burt (the other English players) have been knocked out.

Thursday 24th November - Helena just misses out on Plate semi

Helena writes: "In the Plate, I won seven and lost four and was one game short of getting into the semis, tuff luck my that how it goes..."

Friday 25th November - It's all over for our two as World Cup Final looms

Pam writes: "Rachel Rowe (England no.1) has got through to the Championship Final!
We are all so pleased for her.
Yesterday at Kati Kati the weather was awful and the lawns flooded.
We started but to play but had to abandon all games.
We then had to sit around and wait for the weather to clear and the lawns to drain as much work was done sweeping the water with the long rubber sweepers.
We were all a little cold and my feet were wet, but we started play at 13.30 and double banked the games as we had to get 5 games played. I did not finish until 19.40 by which time I was tired and then we had a 45 minute drive back to Mt Maunganui. I needed a stiff drink when I got back!
Helena and I are out of the competition now and it is the semis of the main, consolation and plate being played today".

Helena writes: ""

Monday 28th November - Rachel Rowe wins Womens World's for England

Pam writes: "Rachel Row won the World Championship yesterday and she played a blinder!
The (best of five) match started at 13.00 hrs and finished at 18.30 with a break of only about 20 minutes
and Rachel got the better start taking the first game 7 - 3.
Her Opponent Jenny Clark from New Zealand won the second and third 6 - 7, 5 - 7, but Rachel fought back to take the fourth 7 - 6.
By this time Jenny was getting very rattled and soon trailed fifth game to Rachel 4 - 6 at the 10th.
Jenny then managed to shoot her her blue ball up from hoop 12, where Rachel had cleared her, to lodge in the back of hoop 11.
But Rachel was sitting in a nice position in front of the hoop and proceeded to jump through to win the Championship.
We all went wild! It was tremendous game and she deserved the win, she was the better player.
So the new Women's World Golf Croquet Champion is English, well done Rachel Rowe!"

Pam's diary was completed from the airport departure lounge with the assistance of a Campari and Soda as she refleced on a wonderful trip.
Full results for her and Helena are still not clear (thanks to a poor Championship web site) but we do know that Helena won two matches (both 2 - 0)
in the main event block stage and then four more in the plate competition.
Due to Wednesdays Union's stike, Helena has had to alter homecoming plans and will stay on to endure the
New Zealand summer until the end of the week (it's tough for some!)

New Womens World Champion Rachel Row  who plays at the Ashby Club in Derbyshire
                                       - Annual General Meeting & Presentations Dinner Report
Our AGM was presided over by Vice Chairman Brian Bucknell in the absense of out going Chairman Pam Mead, who was playing in the Women's Golf
Croquet World Championships in New Zealand, along with fellow committee member Helena Fensome.
Over 70 members supported the meeting.
Along will Pam, Alex Earnshaw ended his time on the committee after five years as our Treasurer, and Alan O'Dair also relinquished the auditor's role.
All three were given a vote of thanks and hearty applause for their years of service.

Hugh Crook and Ann Norman were elected as new committee members and the remainder of the existing committee were re-elected.
The new committee then retired to elect the Club officers and thus Chris Roberts becomes our new Chairman, Hugh Crook our Treasurer, and Derek Whittingham continues as our Secretary.

Our Annual Presentations Dinner followed on and a wide range of recipents took home the silverware:

Chris Roberts
Mid December 2011 - Lawns News
A Ground Survey on our lawns was undertaken in the week following our AGM and the initial findings are that there is a thick layer of clay not far beneath the surface.
It is thought that this is the main contributor to our drainage problems, particularly on lawn 2.
A change to rain fall patterns in recent years from general drizzle to sudden flash downpours seems to be more than our ground can manage to drain naturally.
The Surveying Company are yet to quote to 'fix' the problem but are expected to do so imminently.



  SOUTHERN FEDERATION - ARMADA TOURNAMENT                           
  Winners -     Armada Trophy              PHYLLIS COURT
                                                             Frances Colman & Chris Roberts

  ONE BALL TOURNAMENT                                (r/u Chris Roberts)
  Winner -     One Ball Trophy               Frances Colman

  SPRING DOUBLES TOURNAMENT                   (r/u Brian Bucknall & Derek Toms)
  Winners      Barneses Cup                 Elizabeth O'Dair & Frances Colman

  AUTUMN SINGLES TOURNAMENT (High handicap) (r/u Bruce Mason)
  Winner      Zia Sterling Cup              Michael Wiles

  AUTUMN SINGLES TOURNAMENT                    (r/u Peter Honey)
  Winner -     Caversham Plate             Chris Roberts


  LADIES COMPETITION                                       (r/u June Robinson)
  Winner -     Orr Plate                          Frances Colman

  DOUBLES COMPETITION                                   (r/u Harry Midgley & Michael Wiles)
  Winners -   Greenbury Trophy            Elizabeth O'Dair & Helen Walker

  SINGLES Block COMPETITION                            (r/u Helen Walker)
  Winner -     Poulton Cup                     Chris Roberts

  SINGLES Knock-Out COMPETITION                     (r/u Elizabeth O'Dair)
  Winner -     Adlam Tankard                 Keith Noble

  (High Handicap)                                                   (r/u Sonia Cox)
  Winner      Section Tankard              Frances Colman

  Runner-up The Bucknall Tankard          June Robinson
  Winner -     The Boucher Trophy         Peter Honey



  Winners    Solstice Cup                          PHYLLIS COURT
                                                                  Charlie von Schmeider & TJ Johansen

  SPRING DOUBLES TOURNAMENT                       Postponed THREE times!
  Runners-up - Hilda Dobson Cups                      The 2011 Tournament will be played
  Winners -     Cave Wolfe Salvers                      in the first few weeks of next season

  Runners-up - John Chalfont Cups                  Pat Eades & TJ Johansen
  Winners -     Iain Lindsay Cup                   Sylvia Thomson & Mike Fensome


  7+ DOUBLES       
  Runners-up   Cox Wood Cups                    Anne Attfield & Cynthia Hutton
  Winners      Dorrien Belson Cups            Pat Eades & Rosie Richardson

  Runner-up    Colman Quaich                       Michael Wiles
  Winner       Suzanne Roberts Quaich      Ian Norris

  5+ DOUBLES       
  Runners-up - Chris Read & Anne Attfield Cups  John Chalfont & Hugh Crook
  Winners     Eades Cups                            Vivian Thomson & Raymond Wood

  Runner-up -   Vivian Thomson Cup                Mike Fensome
  Winner      Tighe Cup                              Raymond Wood

  Runners-up -  Dilys & Alex Earnshaw Cups   Raymond Wood & TJ Johansen
  Winners     Spensley & Cox Salvers        Frances Colman & Chris Roberts

  Runner-up -   Sylvia Thomson Cup                Chris Roberts
  Winner       Crane Cup                            Charlie Von Schmieder
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